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fact that the disease was due to the presence of tooth-brush bristles in the
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position consist of laboratory and field work in the
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By those who hold that there is nothing special in the joint
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of about 500,000. The proposal for medical educational work there
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The Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal and Press. Edited by Henry
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In a considerable proportion of cases, estimated by most authorities at
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the disease. If pernicious anemia is to be cured it must be done l^efore
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ing. . The pulse could be felt in the dorsal artery of
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a wide field of experiences were elicited. When asked to think
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by flatulent distension of the stomach and intestines, by the re-
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and important, and to these alone attention will now be drawn. Among
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to reproduce the disease by inoculation. The intended
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decide who is right or wrong in the matter ; but if the
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cent, solution of novocaine. Firm pressure with the
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says, "act beneficially in two ways — first, by ex-
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curve of gastric HC1 ; continuous lines = curves of HC1 in same subject after
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area of encephalitis, and may exert pressure on a portion of the brain
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In size of the lesion occurred as a result of immobili-
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a dog may be demonstrated within five hours of their
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removed by a narrow saw. The chain saw is often used with advan-
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the Bacillus lactis aerogenes, the Bacillus coU and close alhes of this
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Fleetwood, Joe E., Conway, Wake Forest Coll., 1919, Tulane U.,
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telligent judgment ! Apply these considerations to the body
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called simple; and, on the other hand, if the bone is
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not be coagulated. More sugar may be added if required.
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Christopherson says that it is common in the Sudan, where tivo forms of
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crystalline quartz not much coarser in gauge than a spider-
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the special consideration of the meeting was that with refe-
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Historically, case management had its roots starting in
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the prevention of all those diseases which come from
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on the pressor effect of minute quantities of epinephrine 173
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bladder ; exposure to cold. The absorption of Spanish Flies either
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known quantity. In the following table are given the radium
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Carlyle, Mr. T., installation as Lord Hector of University
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become sensitive and excitable. The entire system sympathizes with the
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and signs of partial effusions in the pleura ; the true nature and signiflca-
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(2) Juvenile Type (Ero). — This form of muscular atrophy commonly
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the anterior roots of the nerves, and the other that they pass into the gray matter
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take for granted a narrow orifice, tlirough which rushes the