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been made below the free border of the ribs, extend-

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raised a small flap upon that bone. We were able to introduce only a

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that the prospective-payment system requires that deficien-

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the ligament, which seems especially strong in the right

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soon expanded to include reeducation, or the vocational training

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warm bathing, saline purgatives, emetics of various kinds,

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— showed that that was not the condition, neither was

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of the injection the blood-pressure was 102 mm. of mercury. Tn

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upon the market in a similar package to that in which the genuine "Sander & Sons" Eu-

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trachea and ojsophagus, the transverse processes of

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him qualities which would make him a fitting representative

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the merely "practical man," however skilful; and he had no great

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African army from typhoid fever in one of the official

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This is a text book written by a practical teacher for students, and also to guide

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that such good results are obtained by the persistent use of full doses

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its object is to cause a separation of the nutritive elements in the

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serted into the space left in the side of the face, and the inci-

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macular neighbourhood is surrounded by a circle of white, irregular in breadth

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may cut short an attack that promises to be serious. Sometimes sup-

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the World. Edited by Charles E. Sajous, M.D., and seventy

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separate existence of what is called the extractive principle : he

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These were the only cases of chronic dysentery in the medical wards of the

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measurably less as the skill of the operator some definite knowledge to aid us in using

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tends to persistence in any one of the chronic forms of the disease ;

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visit the wards on the 6th instant, went from bed to bed,

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tation ; whilst during an epidemic they may be sufficiently numerous to

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separate existence of what is called the extractive principle : he

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region of the right upper and middle lobe. Instead of pus as

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Of recent years, the researches of Eppinger, Frank and Kaznel-

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1838, by Dr. Evory Kennedy, has also given rise to many

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to the conclusion that the highest effioi*»ncy of a svstem of schools can-

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July 20th. — She walked alone by holding on to the

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with respect to the shipment of bodies of persons dying