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limits of the scapula : in the lower limb there may be a similar distribu-

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there for the habit? is the practice graceful? is it con-

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Latimer, whom many of you no doubt remember, that once

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aching in the loins and limbs, and alternations of subjective chilliness -witii

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mode of relieving physical suffering, by first ascertaining with positive

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gestations are caused by some interference with the passage of the

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most marked long before labor, which is the time when

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probably none simulates so many other disorders. In some cases, as for

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revised. With fifty-five illustrations, one colored

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animal can be enormously increased by repeated inocula-

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Dr. de Havilland Hall. She had been well until a year

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possible, on the wounded spot itself. I have done all in niy

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ammonium were given at Dr. Gay's suggestion. Up to midnight,

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to see has entirely passed away. Patients can be kept

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Two cases have been selected, both proved by autopsy, which

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required an enema. The temperature remained normal, the pulse

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tom, anemia, in Porto Rico, in a vast msyority of cases,

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The arms were mobile from the elbows below. There was drop wrist on

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a decreased metabolic rate, which means a decreased amount of thy-

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the cutting edge than at the neck. The enamel is usually well formed, not

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with certain known facts — sucli, for example, as the pub-

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patients, were simply a mise-en-scene designed to create a sort

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discovered. The abdomen was sewn up without drainage.

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of n salt, or else communicated to the pickles by boiling

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wood, and mounted in xylol balsam, beautiful permanent prepara-

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a small animal under a bell-glass filled with ordinary atmospheric air, and

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of the operation, and a 'better appreciation of a judicious-

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of Irish who emigrated to British North America, in 1847, was, at the

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first place, the soldier in the trenches usually has a minimum to

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only indications that could be followed were : larly complain of pain, except on talking or

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