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number of cases only, but \>y no means in all. Even the kind of

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Blood from the portal vein. — Microscopic examination of the extract

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made on rabbits only, were by no means conclusive. If

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much as possible of the wall should be cut away with a pair of blunt pointed

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Di. Mayo was elected a member of the board of censors and of the committee on

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under treatment by gradual dilatation; six Avceks after leaving

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tained thin purulent fluid, which often had a fecal

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thhj tends to produce ankylosis, and hence the administration of

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Prof, of Surgery in Med. Dept. of Penn. College, Philad.

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severe attack of diarrhoea, which was thought to be due to bathing, and

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reaction of degeneration to electrical testing. A tumour within the medulla

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is the most frequent mode of propagation. A cancer in an adjoining organ,

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any restriction as to time or college of graduation, etc." When

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the bronchial tubes, and, when carefully displayed, may be foimd to consist

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one another. During the exhibition of the cases Lieutenant-General Sir T.

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the " patellar-tendon," is valuable in showing a possible primary excitation

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examination of the kidneys by palpation, percussion,

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expectoration, bowels regular, and able to attend to her usual work, the phy-

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to Presbyterian Hospital for evaluation of abdominal

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abdominal cavity, and then conduct myself according to the

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Mesophlebitis is chronic inflammation and degeneration of

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