Pizza News » Pizza Hut All the latest Pizza related news. Tue, 26 Jan 2016 11:30:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Pizza Hut Unveil New Food-Inspired Clothing Line Wed, 06 Jan 2016 16:24:25 +0000 Just like us at the Pizza News newsroom there are many people that take their love for pizza to the next level, wanting to adorn themselves in clothing that illustrates their pizza passions to the world.

With the youth generation becoming more and more obsessed with statement clothing and quote t-shirts it is understandable why the world of food and fashion would unite, with Pizza Hut wanting to dominate this incredibly niche market.

Unveiling a new line of tops, sweatshirts, scarves, hats and even bed sheets, arguably wanting to brand the world with the Pizza Hut way of thinking and eating.

Here are just a few of the new ‘Hut Sway’ products; let us know what you think!

pizza 3

pizza 2
pizza 4





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Pizza Hut Get a Slice of National Curry Week Action With Naan Pizza Deal Wed, 14 Oct 2015 10:59:14 +0000 As it is National Curry Week, a seven-day celebration of world foods, we at Pizza News thought we would see what was going online the food industry, discovering that Pizza Hut had gone to great lengths to entice curry-loving customers.

Launching a special National Curry Week menu the Pizza chain are expecting big orders for these new products, with Head Office feeling rather optimistic.

Kath Austin, Director of HR and Marketing at Pizza Hut Restaurants, said: “We wanted to create something innovative to celebrate National Curry Week and the reopening of our flagship new look Hut in the heart of Birmingham, and these dishes are the perfect fit.

“It took our team over 15 hours to get the flavour combinations just right. Naan pizzas are a first for us so we’re very proud of them and can’t wait to hear what people think.”

Tej Randeva, Director at Maharaja, an Indian food catering company shed some light on Piza Hut’s motives:

‘Having been involved in the pizza-chain and curry industry I can completely understand why Pizza Hut have decided to launch such a product. With curry being the UK’s favourite dish, followed by pizza, National Curry Week is a way to get amongst another market, those that may not think of pizza as a first takeaway choice’.

Let us know what you think, have these pictures got your taste buds dancing or would you prefer a traditional Margarita? Leave your comments below.


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Ex Domino’s Pizza franchisee Tej Randeva appears on Dragons’ Den with new franchise concept Spice 2 Go Mon, 28 Jul 2014 08:08:29 +0000 Domino’s Pizza Franchisee Tej Randeva shocked us all last night, entering the BBC’s fire pit that is the Dragons’ Den.  Stepping in front of the Dragons he pitched his business idea to the successful investment tycoons, offering 10% equity of his business in exchange for a £75,000 investment.

Having spent many years as a Welsh Domino’s Pizza partner the Indian-born businessman claimed to have identified a gap in the market, suggesting that his curry concept, Spice 2 Go, was the modern food idea to fill it.

With vibrant dancers and samples of the brand’s products Mr Randeva delivered a pitch that was although unsuccessful in securing a deal with the Dragons, still full of interesting ideas.

The Spice 2 Go CEO honed in on the fact that there is a lack of consistency with Indian food, proposing that there were things to be learnt from the pizza industry when trying to modernise Indian cuisine.

‘You can go to one curry house one week, go back the next and have a completely different experience’ said the Spice 2 Go entrepreneur.

Commending Domino’s Pizza on their approach to operations Mr Randeva explained that what he had learnt in Dominos could be transferable to he Indian food market.

Specifically focusing on the chain’s uniformed products, brand identity and the system to franchise the Welsh businessman asked:

‘Why is there not an Indian food franchise?’

With Indian food being one of the UK’s favoured delicacies it does make one think why an Indian food chain has yet to be rolled out across the country.

Being congratulated on his branding Tej took some comments on board yet showed no sign of giving up on Spice 2 Go.

‘This is not the end’ he said when exiting the den.

What do you think, could Spice 2 Go follow in the same successful footsteps as Domino’s?

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Pizza Hut removed salad bars in China because of greedy customers ‘salad stacking’ Tue, 30 Jul 2013 10:38:08 +0000 salad stack1Pizza restaurant chain Pizza Hut banned its salad bars from its branches in China several years ago as part of, what they called it at the time, a menu revamp.

But many people believe the real reason for the end of the salad bar was due to crafty Chinese customers getting around the ‘one trip rule’ of only being allowed one helping from the salad bar by creatively stacking massive towers of salad in order to get the most out of their one trip.

In UK and US Pizza Hut restaurants, customers are allowed the generous offering of unlimited, ‘help yourself’ salad bars, but in China, customers were limited to just one plate-full. Because they wanted to make sure they were getting their money’s-worth, Chinese customers developed the technique of ‘salad-stacking’, which involved building complicated and intricate structures out of salad which would maximise the amount they could get on the plate. It is this practice which many think is the reason why the Far East stores decided to end the option of salad bars.

The announcement that the salad bars would soon be coming to an end only encouraged customers to salad stack more, before they lost the chance completely.

Not all China’s Pizza Hut salad bars have been removed – some still remain in Beijing branches, but it’s believed that salad stacking is no longer as fashionable as it used to be.


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Pizza Hut Delivery unveils ‘Halo 4 Stuffed Crust Pizza’ Thu, 08 Nov 2012 17:55:42 +0000 As the gaming community across the world eagerly gets their hands on the newly-released Halo 4, the pizza industry has already introduced its gourmet offering to celebrate the launch. Pizza Hut Delivery, in its second year of collaboration with Microsoft’s Xbox Halo game series, has introduced a ‘Halo 4 Stuffed Crust Pizza’ following the success of last year’s limited-edition ‘Halo Anniversary Pizza’ that proved to be a huge hit with pizza and gaming fans.

With the help of gaming blogger FlawlessClowboy, whose review of last year’s ‘Halo Anniversary Pizza’ spurred a record 30,000 YouTube views, Pizza Hut Delivery has created this year’s special and is expecting equal levels of popularity if not more for the ‘Halo 4 Stuffed Crust Pizza’. This year’s campaign is bigger and better than before and involves a bespoke microsite where pizza fans now have the chance to claim an exclusive Halo 4 Avatar and win prizes.

Customers can enjoy their limited edition ‘Halo 4 Stuffed Crust Pizza’ served in unique Halo 4 pizza boxes. But it doesn’t just end there. Pizza Hut Delivery has partnered with Microsoft to create an extensive collection of printed promotional material including voucher books, direct mail, box toppers and emails.

According to assistant brand manager at Pizza Hut Delivery, Amy Ashken, the response has been overwhelming. She said: “We have been overwhelmed with the response to our marketing partnership with Xbox and Halo 4. With so many of our customers enjoying a night in with pizza and their Xbox, this has been a perfect tie-up for Pizza Hut Delivery and we are delighted that it has generated such a positive reaction from customers.”

This year’s unique Halo tribute pizza wouldn’t have been possible without pizza fans’ input and the help of gamer and blogger FlawlessCowboy. He said: “I did a video review of last year’s pizza and, if truth be told, I thought there could have been more of a ‘Halo Experience’ for fans. This year it’s a totally different story and Pizza Hut Delivery has really gone to town!”

You can find out more about Pizza Hut Delivery’s creative ‘Halo 4 Stuffed Crust Pizza’.

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Pizza Hut targets Subway market with new sandwich, P’Zolo Mon, 11 Jun 2012 10:31:36 +0000 Pizza Hut has announced its newest addition to their menu – only it’s not a pizza, it’s a sandwich! The P’Zolo, Pizza Hut’s take on the sandwich, might look like a cross between a sub and a roll but is a definite answer to sandwich market monopolist, Subway.

The P’Zolo boasts Meat Trio, Italian Steak, and Buffalo Chicken and comes with either a ranch or marinara sauce. It’s $3 for a sandwich and $5 for two! The $5 price tag is an obvious reference to the cost of Subway’s foot-long subs.

The heated P’Zolo is aimed towards sandwich-lovers and consists of melty meat and choose-filled foods, baked in a soft golden crust, sprinkled with Asiago cheese

Pizza Hut’s P’Zolo campaign – also called the ‘Subway Takeover’ – will see Chicago Red Line Trains transform into giant P’Zolos. Freebies for passengers and some not-so-subtle advertising are sure to create the stir Pizza Hut seeks: “Rescuing sandwich-lovers from the doldrums of cold cuts”; “Say so long to the footlong” and “More bang for your 5 bucks” are just some of the sensational tag lines thought up by advertising firm Martin Agency that have successfully got the media talking about the launch. The Chicago trains will also be wrapped in text reading: “See ya subs. This is the P’Zolo”

Pizza Hut’s chief marketing officer, Kurt Kane, says: “It’s more than a sandwich. It’s a new flavour creation that is leaving the sub category behind.”

“At Pizza Hut we’re known for constantly dreaming up great new flavour experiences on behalf of our consumers. When we took a look at the sub category we decided consumers needed us to bring this same approach to that space.  We think people are quickly going to see they can get a lot more for their $5 with the new P’Zolo.”

Part of Yum Brands, Pizza Hut had previously tried to enter the sandwich market with the pizza-style calzone – the P’Zone.

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North Camp residents oppose new Pizza Hut outlet Wed, 30 May 2012 11:03:03 +0000 Residents of Farnborough’s southern suburb, North Camp, aren’t happy. The village in Hampshire that is already brimming with restaurants and fast food outlets may have a new Pizza Hut offering collection and delivery service.

North Camp already hosts 20 takeaways, including three pizza joints, and the possible introduction of a fourth have got residents up in arms. Resident Alyson Fitzgerald said: “We do not need a Pizza Hut. I think there are more than enough takeaways in North Camp. We definitely do not need another one.”

Residents are concerned that another takeaway service in the area could create more waste for the village and are vehemently opposing the franchise setting up shop. One resident, Ben McKenzie, who is concerned for the village’s future said: “I remember when I was little we used to have a fruit and veg store and a supermarket. Now it’s just takeaway village.”

Diane Bracknell, representing the North Camp Matters Community Association, said: “I am sure it will increase the amount of litter. It is a concern for North Camp, it could possibly be detrimental. There is quite a lot of takeaway litter [at the moment], you do get rubbish around. You do see plastic containers strewn around.”

However, there are residents who are not opposed to the new Pizza Hut plans and feel that the introduction of one more company would not add to the litter count.

Resident Narvenka Noyce said: “I am not against it, litter is going to be anywhere. Another takeaway is not going to produce any more litter.”

Sue Hinton, who works on Alexandra Road, agrees: “I do not think it is a problem. I do not see how a pizza place is going to cause more litter. The pizzas are taken away. I do not see lots of litter in North Camp.”

Along with concerns of litter, residents are also wary of Pizza Hut being disruptive to the community as the store is scheduled to potentially stay open till 3 am on weekends.

Pizza Hut has defended its application stating that their arrival would create new jobs for the community. They have also assured the residents of North Camp of creating minimal litter, implementing litter cleaning processes, and being sensitive to the local community.

North Camp, the original Victorian town centre for Farnborough, is now a mix of civilian and military residents. The small community lives harmoniously and works towards beautifying and preserving the village. It boasts a range of major shopping centres and specialist shops along with a range of dining options.

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Pizza Hut introduce Windows Phone app for customers in Australia Tue, 29 May 2012 13:42:08 +0000 Pizza Hut has become the pizza retailer in Australia to launch a customer app for use on smartphones running Microsoft’s Windows phone operating systems. The exciting new application was developed by Altaine, while Microsoft and Nokia both supported the development.

The all new Pizza Hut customer app allows pizza fans to create a new order and customise their order quickly and simply through their mobile phone. The app also enables Pizza Hut customers to save a customised pizza selection for use on a future order making for an easier and more streamlined pizza order process.

Another innovative feature of the Pizza Hut app for Windows smartphone users in Australia is the utilisation of a live timer on the customer’s personalised home screen which shows a countdown on the progress of their order. There’s also the option to set a preferred delivery time so Pizza Hut customers in Australia can specify an arrival time while placing their order via the new app.

Pizza Hut Australia reported that 25% of all of their online orders are placed via smart phones, a practice which is likely to develop further in the future as more and more Australians acquire smart phone technology. The rise in the popularity of online orders is the main reason the brand chose to invest in their mobile ordering platforms, resulting in the new Windows Phone app recently launched by the pizza retailer.

Do you regularly order pizzas on your mobile phone? Do you find the service useful? Let us know your thoughts by dropping us a comment below.

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The weird and wonderful Pizza Hut toppings from around the world Thu, 17 May 2012 13:39:43 +0000 As with all worldwide pizza franchises, the toppings and pizzas vary from country to country as the takeaway provider aims to cater for the tastes of the pizza buying public in that particulate nation. However the truly unusual and sometimes mind boggling pizza combinations created in Pizza Huts around the world are really something to behold: imagine a fish and chips topped pizza or a pizza consisting of a cheese burger crust? That’s exactly what you’ll find on the menu of certain Pizza Huts around the globe, let’s take a closer look…

Pizza Hut customers in the Middle East can enjoy a double whammy of a pizza which also doubles as a giant cheeseburger. The Crown Crust Cheeseburger, which is accompanied with the tagline, “Fit for a King” as the miniature cheeseburgers which make up the crust give the pizza an appearance of a giant crown, is the ultimate burger and cheese fest. In Indonesia they have a decidedly British take on the pizza and enjoy a fish and chips topped Pizza Hut offering.

The Koreans also like a fishy topping on their pizzas, with pizza lovers tucking into coconut shrimp topped pizza while Pizza Hut in India boasts the Full Punjabi pizza, although the ingredients on top of this particular pizza are not too apparent – more a Punjabi surprise pizza in that case.

Have you tried any of the pizzas in mentioned above? Or do you have your own story on a bizarre pizza topping you’ve sampled? Let us know by dropping us a comment in the box below.

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Pizza Hut to introduce hot dog stuffed crust in the UK Tue, 10 Apr 2012 15:43:01 +0000 Never again will UK fast food fans be faced with a dilemma over whether to opt for a pizza or a hot dog takeaway thanks to a brand new invention from Pizza Hut. The leading pizza restaurant and delivery provider has launched the hot dog stuffed crust pizza in the UK offering indecisive foodies the chance to combine two favourites in one dish.

While you might assume this hotdog/pizza combination must be an American invention, you would actually be wrong; in fact the new Pizza Hut hot dog stuffed crust isn’t even available in the States yet. Surprisingly, the sausage stuffed pizza has been available in Thailand and Japan where it was first introduced on the company’s menu back in 2007.

If you’re not yet sold on the idea, Pizza Hut have made the new stuffed crust sound as appealing as possible in their menu write-up describing the new crust pizza as “succulent hot dog sausage bursting from our famous stuffed crust, with a FREE mustard drizzle.”

We’ve had the pizza crust stuffed with cheese, BBQ sauce and even the garlic bread stuffed crust, but will the new hot dog pizza crust trump them all to become the ultimate pizza combination? The new addition to the Pizza Hit menu is due to receive its debut in the UK this week so what are you waiting for? Give it a try and let us know your thoughts on the brand new stuffed crust creation.

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