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It’s been reported in a leading British newspaper that Pizza restaurant, Pizza Express, has brought in a conversational expert to help coach their staff in the art of small talk to help put customers at their ease.

Trained actor Karl James has been hired by the bosses at Pizza Express to run a series of workshops to help enhance the conversational ability of the staff. The move to improve the ability of staff to interact with customers comes ahead of the grand opening of the new experimental Pizza Express restaurant in Richmond, known as the Living Lab.

The new restaurant is a place where the chain plans to experiment with new concepts and menu ideas before rolling them out across their other outlets; the conversation workshops are just one of the new ideas being trialled.

It has been suggested that our face to face interaction skills have suffered as a result of the rise in popularity of social networking where people use Facebook, Twitter and text messaging to interact. The Pizza Express bosses hope to remedy this issue amongst their staff through the workshops which will teach employees how to subtly flirt with customers and indulge in banter to make the experience of dining at a Pizza Express restaurant all the more enjoyable.

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Pizza Express offers pizza for a £1 Tue, 28 Sep 2010 09:22:30 +0000 huw Pizza Express has launched a limited edition offer whereby customers can receive a pizza for £1 by downloading a special discount code.

Pizza Express launches pizza for £1 offer

As well as the low cost deal on pizzas, the pizza restaurant chain has also added a selection of brand new dishes to its main menu. Now customers can choose from a range of tasty bruschetta starters as an appetizer before their main meal. There’s a vegetarian option of a bruschetta topped with goats cheese and red peppers, plus meat options of the new starters topped with mozzarella and cured meats.

Pizza Express decided to roll back their prices to 1978 back when an American Hot pizza would have set you back £1. Now you too can enjoy the pizza of your choice for just £1 at Pizza Express for a limited time only. The offer is valid from September 27th – October 10th Monday – Thursday.

Pizza Express recently announced the launch of their new Richmond Restaurant which will act as a base to experiment with new recipes and services. One of the first new services the Richmond restaurant will trial is a breakfast menu and early morning opening hours. As well as this, a new monthly special pizza will be available each month to offer diners something different.

To make the most of the £1 pizza on offer at Pizza Express, download your printable voucher at the restaurant’s main website. See terms and conditions for any exclusions.

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Pizza Express set to open new experimental restaurant in London Thu, 23 Sep 2010 08:11:19 +0000 Michelle

Pizza Express are set to launch a restaurant in Richmond where new ideas and dishes will be trialled before being rolled out across the other 370 Pizza Express restaurants in the UK.

Regular Pizza Express customers will note a number of new additions to the Richmond outlet when it finally opens its doors on October 21st. One of the biggest changes will be an earlier opening time as the restaurant will open for business at 8:45 in an attempt to target the breakfast trade.

A range of morning snacks have been added to the menu for this purpose including Italian pastries, mini croissants, and grape bread amongst others. Also a traditional Italian sandwich known as a po-boy will be served up. The dish is made up of hot bread, rocket, tomatoes, mozzarella and pancetta.

Another key new feature which will debut in Richmond Pizza Express is a kiosk booth which will open out directly onto the street in order to appeal to passing trade.

Monthly special pizzas will also be offered using fresh and seasonal produce. The first monthly special is a tribute to Enzo Apicella who designed the first Pizza Express restaurant and will be topped with ricotta, new potatoes, rosemary, onion and chilli.

Be the first to try the new dishes and services on offer at the brand new Pizza Express restaurant in Richmond when it opens on October 21st.

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40k entries received for the Pizza Express competition Tue, 14 Sep 2010 15:31:28 +0000 Michelle

The launch of the Pizza Express search for the nation’s favourite pizza has attracted a whopping 40,000 entries it has been revealed.

The closing date for applicants to submit their entry forms was yesterday, and now the hard work begins for the Pizza Express judging panel who have just over a month to whittle down the list of thousands of recipes to just 5 finalists.

The five best entries will be announced on October 18th, with the public having their final say on who should walk away with the coveted prize for the Create Your Pizza Challenge.

Competition for the prize will be fierce as the winner will be awarded a £5,000 cash prize, as well as the honour of having their pizza included on the official Pizza Express menu in restaurants across the UK.

The competition is open to all amateur chefs who think they’ve got an imaginative recipe up their sleeve which will delight Pizza Express customers up and down the country. Whether it’s an interesting topping combination, or a new take on the original pizza base, or maybe a twist on the traditional tomato base sauce, Pizza Express welcome all suggestions in the nationwide search for a new pizza.

The shortlist will be revealed on October 18th, after which the public can cast their vote to decide the winner.

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Pizza Express invite customers to send in their pizza recipes Sat, 28 Aug 2010 13:19:29 +0000 Michelle

Pizza Express are calling on their loyal customers to send in their imaginative pizza recipes with the best one received winning a £5,000 prize and a place on the pizza chain’s menu.

Whether you have a secret family recipe that you’d like to share with the pizza chain, or an idea for a different kind of base, or just a unique pizza topping combination, Pizza Express want to hear from you. Candidates can enter either by completing a form on the company’s website, or by picking up an application form in store.

The winning recipe must overcome a serious of rigorous tests before it can receive the Pizza Express seal of approval. Head chef of 29-years, Antonio Romani will scrutinise the pizza, and if it passes this test, it will then face its toughest test in front of a panel of judges made up of food critics, chefs and pizza lovers.

Pizza Express came up with the idea of inviting their customers to submit their own suggestions for pizza recipes for their new menu after noticing increasing numbers of diners at their restaurants mix and matching different toppings and bases to create a pizza tailored to their personal taste.

The closing date for entries is September 13th. The winner will receive a £5,000 cash prize and see their pizza included on the Pizza Express menu.

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Pizza Express serves up pizza and politics Sat, 01 May 2010 10:51:00 +0000 Ian

A new General Election pizza menu has been added to the range on offer at Pizza Express where customers can vote, unofficially of course, with what they eat by choosing a pizza made to represent their chosen political party.

Food artist Prudence Staite is the mastermind behind the new political pizzas which all feature toppings that reflect the values and image of each party.

If your vote is with Labour, then the Gordon Brown pizza is the one you’ll be served up which comes topped with fiery chilli and ground beef. The pizza made especially to represent the Conservatives and their leader David Cameron is somewhat more mild and offers a vegetarian option of cheese and rocket.

For those who are backing the Liberal Democrats and their leader Nick Clegg in the poles later this month, you may be interested in sampling the Pizza Express homage to the Lib Dems which comes in the form of a pizza topped with fresh tomatoes and spicy sausage.

As well as the political leaders, the voters have also had a pizza made in their name. The People’s Pizza reflects the wider issues affecting British citizens and features toppings such as caviar, which represents the class debate, and also dough balls due to the county’s economic crisis and current lack of, um, dough.

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Matt Damon bribes Pizza Express staff with kisses and signed photos Mon, 15 Feb 2010 12:52:19 +0000 Ian

Hollywood actor Matt Damon turned on the charm earlier this month by offering kisses to Pizza Express staff in exchange for food.

The American actor is currently in London filming new movie, Hereafter, directed by the legendary Clint Eastwood.

The street where filming was taking place had been closed down for the day so the crew could shoot without being interrupted. However this spelled bad news for starving Matt Damon as all the restaurants and fast food outlets were closed for business for the entire day.

Not one to take defeat lying down, the Hollywood star decided to try and use his celebrity status to wangle his favourite pizza from staff at the local Pizza Express restaurant.

Damon begged staff to cook him an American Hot pizza topped with pepperoni and jalepenos to ease his hunger pains. The fast food employees obviously took pity on the ravenous actor and agreed to cook up his favourite pizza, in exchange for kisses all round for the female staff, and also a clutch of signed photographs.

One onlooker who witnessed the scene described Mat Damon’s behaviour as “outrageous” adding that he “wouldn’t take no for an answer” as he was starving after starting filming at 7:30am that morning.

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