Pizza News » Papa Johns All the latest Pizza related news. Tue, 26 Jan 2016 11:30:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Ex Domino’s Pizza franchisee Tej Randeva appears on Dragons’ Den with new franchise concept Spice 2 Go Mon, 28 Jul 2014 08:08:29 +0000 Domino’s Pizza Franchisee Tej Randeva shocked us all last night, entering the BBC’s fire pit that is the Dragons’ Den.  Stepping in front of the Dragons he pitched his business idea to the successful investment tycoons, offering 10% equity of his business in exchange for a £75,000 investment.

Having spent many years as a Welsh Domino’s Pizza partner the Indian-born businessman claimed to have identified a gap in the market, suggesting that his curry concept, Spice 2 Go, was the modern food idea to fill it.

With vibrant dancers and samples of the brand’s products Mr Randeva delivered a pitch that was although unsuccessful in securing a deal with the Dragons, still full of interesting ideas.

The Spice 2 Go CEO honed in on the fact that there is a lack of consistency with Indian food, proposing that there were things to be learnt from the pizza industry when trying to modernise Indian cuisine.

‘You can go to one curry house one week, go back the next and have a completely different experience’ said the Spice 2 Go entrepreneur.

Commending Domino’s Pizza on their approach to operations Mr Randeva explained that what he had learnt in Dominos could be transferable to he Indian food market.

Specifically focusing on the chain’s uniformed products, brand identity and the system to franchise the Welsh businessman asked:

‘Why is there not an Indian food franchise?’

With Indian food being one of the UK’s favoured delicacies it does make one think why an Indian food chain has yet to be rolled out across the country.

Being congratulated on his branding Tej took some comments on board yet showed no sign of giving up on Spice 2 Go.

‘This is not the end’ he said when exiting the den.

What do you think, could Spice 2 Go follow in the same successful footsteps as Domino’s?

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Papa John’s becomes sponsor of The Football League in its first UK sports deal Mon, 15 Jul 2013 14:26:10 +0000 4x3-800x600papajohns2181-915139_478x359Pizza chain Papa John’s has agreed its first UK sports deal, becoming the official sponsor of The Football League. In return for sponsorship, Papa Johns will receive thousands of match tickets and experiences across all the clubs within The Football League. It will also be offered access to The League’s on and offline marketing channels.

Richard Heaselgrave, Chief Commercial Officer for The Football League, said: “This is a partnership that will be really popular with fans. Like our clubs, Papa John’s are located in towns and cities across the country and they will reach out to supporters with a range of promotions and tailor made offers.

“We’re delighted to be working with a growing brand that has a proven track record in sports sponsorship over in the US where it is a long-term partner of the NFL and a number of its teams.”

Papa John’s Marketing Director Andrew Gallagher described The Football League as the world’s original League football competition” and mentioned it is now in its 125th anniversary year. He said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to share our passion with those football fans that may not be familiar with Papa John’s Pizza. It comes at a very successful time for us as a business, as we continue to expand throughout the country and drive awareness of the fantastic brand that is Papa John’s.”

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Papa John’s unveils new menu Wed, 06 Feb 2013 14:56:10 +0000 Papa John’s Pizza has added lots of new and exciting dishes (as well as some old favourites) to its revitalised Spring menu.  Now customers can order pizzas with more toppings like the ‘Buffalo Chicken’  pizza that brings together a creamy ranch sauce, breadcrumb-coated chicken, and crispy bacon  with sliced onion topping, and the ‘Tuna Deluxe’ pizza. Along with the new pizza choices on offer, old favourites like the ‘Pepperoncini’ (a pickled chilli pepper) is also back on the menu by popular demand and is now available as a complimentary side dish.

For the sweet-toothed, new puddings such as Belgian chocolate brownies, giant chocolate-chip cookies and a toffee apple crumble can now be found at this leading pizzeria as some of the sweet treats on offer.
The menu overhaul is part of Papa John’s ‘Better ingredients. Better pizza’ philosophy which while creating fresh new flavours  still stays loyal to the established traditions  that are synonymous with this much-loved pizza chain. With so many hungry mouths to please throughout its 200+ UK stores (as well as 4,000 worldwide) Papa John’s expects these new additions to be a big hit with its customers!

Papa John’s worldwide popularity was proven last year when it was given its very own (unofficial) day  during the 2012 US elections when the 16th of November was deemed Papa John’s Appreciation Day. The dedication was achieved with the efforts of  a political group in backing of Papa John’s founder John Schatter’s battle against the controversial ‘Obamacare’. The day encouraged everyone to buy an extra pizza in support of Schatter’s political stance.

With all these tasty new pizzas and puddings to try, why not give it a go yourself?! If you’re hungry enough!
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Pizza Hut tops Google Zeitgeist poll for most searched restaurant Tue, 20 Dec 2011 16:35:02 +0000 Pizza Hut has topped the annual Google Zeitgeist poll for the US this year after it received more online searches through the search engine than any other food provider. Pizza Hut was closely followed by home pizza deliver experts Domino’s Pizza and Papa John’s in the list which was revealed last week.

The annual 11th Google Zeitgeist list charts the most searched for terms on the search engine throughout the last year, with Pizza Hut coming in first place for the food industry for US searches, with Domino’s and Papa John’s as runners up, while Starbuck and McDonalds came were placed in fourth and fifth place respectively which demonstrates that the pizza market has been especially buoyant in 2011 as the top three restaurants are all pizza related.

While pizza was the hot topic on search engines for American Google users, the trend was also evident in Mexico, Germany and Singapore where pizza related searches were also found to be topping the annual poll.

Another fast food provider, KFC, also made a splash online this year in New Zealand when its Double Down burger debuted in the country in May. The bun-less burger succeeded in breaking sales records after it was released in the States, and its popularity obviously spread to New Zealand as it featured on the most searched term on Google’s Zeitgeist list for 2011.

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Papa John’s looks to establish its brand in the Bahamas Wed, 02 Nov 2011 15:33:54 +0000 International pizza provider, Papa John’s, is looking to establish its brand in the Bahamas and is currently holding franchisee workshops in the area in order to seek out potential business people to fly the flag for the company in the region.

This will be the pizza company’s second bite at the cherry in terms of targeting the pizza takeaway market in the Bahamas after Papa John’s left the region several years ago. However this time around the pizza giant is hoping that by taking time to seek out excellent candidates to promote and carry the brand forward in the Bahamas, this attempt at targeting the market will pay dividends.

The Bahamas is a highly competitive market for takeaways and fast food outlets with a Domino’s Pizza franchise and a Marco’s Pizza franchise already operating successfully, therefore Papa John’s will have their work cut out in order to gain a foothold in the competitive climate.

Papa John’s is currently the third largest pizza company in the world, however the American brand is aiming to leap frog the competition to take ownership of first place, but in order to achieve this end, Papa John’s needs to expand further in the US and also in international markets such as the Bahamas.

The “Better Ingredients Better Pizza” company currently operates in 40 international markets with 37,000 units across the world, however Papa John’s is looking to increase this across the board as it attempts to reach its goal of becoming the world’s largest pizza company.

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Papa John’s celebrates the opening of its 3000th pizza store in North America Fri, 28 Oct 2011 14:35:53 +0000 The “Better Ingredients Better Pizza” company, Papa John’s celebrated opening its 3000th store in North America this week with a pizza giveaway and a personal visit from the pizza provider’s founder John Schnatter.

The 3000th Papa John to open its doors in North America is based in Chicago and there was a definite party atmosphere in town to mark the occasion. As well as a visit from the pizza company CEO, professional football players and also community leaders were invited along to celebrate Papa John achieving the milestone.

As a company, Papa John’s pride themselves on supporting the communities they work amongst. So with this in mind, Papa John’s gave away 3,000 free slices of pizza, one for each store opened North America, and also 3,000 canned goods to local charity, Girls Scouts Greater Chicago and North West Indiana.

The pizza company was set up 27 years ago from a bar in Indiana by John Schnatter after leaving college. From its humble beginnings the company has now grown worldwide, with almost 4,000 Papa John’s outlets across the globe in 32 different countries and on 5 separate continents.

In the last year, founder John Schnatter has been on a whistle stop tour of many of his pizza outlets across the world, with the Chicago store opening being the very latest in a string of personal appearances the pizza millionaire has made.

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Papa John’s in Lincoln recruiting a pizza tester Thu, 14 Jul 2011 13:27:24 +0000 Papa John’s pizza store in Lincoln has launched an official search to recruit a pizza tester to sample its new menu ideas over the coming six months.

The pizza provider is looking to find a pizza lover in the local Lincolnshire area to try out their pizzas for free. In exchange for the free pizza, the chosen pizza tester must give feedback on the dish in order to assist Papa John’s with their new pizza creations.

The pizza delivery company will be experimenting with its new pizzas made from 100% fresh dough over the coming six months. The official taste tester for the Lincoln branch of Papa John’s will be tasked with sampling these pizzas and giving their honest opinion on how they rated the new pizza.

The franchisee at Papa John’s Lincoln branch says the company is committed to developing new and exciting menu ideas and that the introduction of taste tester will help them maintain their high standards of quality and flavour.

If you think you have what it takes to be a pizza taster for Papa John’s branch on Lincoln High Street then the store is accepting applications until July 31st. Those interested should be local to the store and can apply for the position of official pizza taster online.

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Domino’s tops poll for customer loyalty Fri, 25 Feb 2011 15:36:03 +0000 Domino’s topped a recent poll which sought to discover which pizza brand had the highest level of customer loyalty.

The survey was conducted by Brand Keys. The company say they set out with the aim of conducting a study which went beyond the usual figures and statistics, to get to the heart of a consumer’s emotional attachment to a brand.

Closely following Domino’s in the rundown of the pizza brands customers are most loyal to was another American company, Papa John’s, followed by Pizza Hut and Little Caesar’s, according to the study.

Chief Executive of Domino’s, J. Patrick Doyle welcomed the findings from the study. The Domino’s boss said that although the pizza giant is always looking to attract new customers, they realise that customer retention is vital to the success of their brand, and so they’ve made a conscious effort to develop brand loyalty over the course of the last few years by improving in store services and extending their menu.

According to one franchise expert, Craig Slavin, brand loyalty is established “from the ground up” and stems from customers receiving a great service from frontline staff members such as pizza delivery drivers and customer service advisers.

The survey aims to predict which brands will be a hit with consumers over the coming year, and so if the results are anything to go by, Domino’s looks set to enjoy yet another bumper year with a further rise in profits.

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Post Super Bowl Pizza promotion offered by Papa Johns Tue, 08 Feb 2011 16:39:33 +0000 Papa John’s have decided to extend their pizza promotions following last weekend’s Super Bowl by launching the Toppings for Touchdowns special offer.

The pizza giant is offering customers from February 7-9th who buy a large pizza from their regular menu, the chance to add seven different toppings for no extra cost, the same number of toppings as touchdowns scored on Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl has been great for business in the US with all of the major pizza chains vying for a slice of the action by launching exclusive discounts especially for the popular sporting event.

Papa John’s decided to not advertise during the commercial break, when the Fox TV network charges as much as $3 million for 30 seconds airtime, and instead opted to push their brand via pizza promotions.

In the 45 days leading up to the big event, Papa John’s were offering any large pizza with an unlimited number of toppings for just $10, plus the pizza experts were giving away $45 gift cards to customers at various intervals during the build up to the match.

The current Papa John’s Super Bowl pizza offer is valid until February 9th and is available to all online orders in the US, so get ordering now to make the most of the exclusive Toppings for Touchdowns offer.

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Papa John’s celebrates 10 years in the UK with pizza giveaway Tue, 25 Jan 2011 16:26:18 +0000 A number of Papa John outlets throughout the UK will join in with the 10 year anniversary celebrations this weekend by giving away pizza to loyal customers, and launching one-off special offers.

Papa John’s pizza outlets in Bromsgrove, Dunstable and Watford are all participating in the anniversary celebrations which will take place on Saturday January 29th.

Bromsgrove Papa John’s are planning to giveaway 50 pizzas to their customers to mark 10 years since the American pizza company opened its first UK based store. The chairwoman of the local council is also scheduled to make an appearance at the pizza store to unveil a commemorative plaque at the Papa John’s outlet.

In Watford, the store is also planning to treat locals to slices of fresh free pizza, and the chairman of Watford Council will also be dropping by to join in the celebrations.

Ribby Hall Village near Blackpool will be offering freshly made Papa John pizzas for a £1 throughout Saturday, plus the outlet will be offering free entertainment in the form of children’s entertainer Crazy Craig, and also The Pizza Games which kicks off with a Pizza Spin Off.

So get down to your local Papa John’s this weekend to find out what special offers your store is planning for the pizza company’s official 10 year anniversary.

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