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homicidal tendencies, and disturbance of the public peace. The law
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St. Mark's Hospital, New York.— Dr. H. J. Schiff has
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About three-fourths of those teaching in our graded schools have
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in regard to criminal anthropology, we may expect that the
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are exposed to the effects of excessive heat and to sudden changes of
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ment and later performs a second operation to relieve
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this phase, as in others, the Veterans’ Administration is
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muscles, as strong as those produced by Strychnine. The saliva continued to flow in Urg«
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most of the other vital phenomena, and if material organs are essential
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" Smallpox is another example of the elass of affections under conside-
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pation. He makes frequent partially successful attempts
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ness, while the temperature quickly rises to 101° F. to 103° F. The
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my judgment at least, worthy of comparison with them.