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From the writings of both much may be gathered about

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interior of the human organism, either in health or disease,

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1876.] Meeting of the International Medical Congress. 325

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should be avoided in some degree, as potatoes, grapes,

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Health Service hospitals was 6.1%, although only 40% of

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cold water in hysterical convulsions. Sumbul has a re-

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there is positive retraction, leading to thoracic deformity with displacement of

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death. The lungs themseh-es Avere free from disease ; there were no

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j\nother thing I wish to say is, to protest against the statement that

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at twenty feet, we might take that as the standard for

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the cause of the morbid reflex is in the throat ! " shouted the

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peritoneal glands. But if the scrotum and surrounding

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Society for the County of Burlington Was held at Mount Holly, on the

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the villi and glands. In no other organ or tissue of

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the current should not be passed until the wire had been secured

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of lobular or lobar pneumonia. Other forms of pleurisy also occur, though

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tions. These failures occurred iu patients where the

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and comments thereon. Of special interest are those from 1824 to

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impaired. Other symptoms are pain, dread of the light and colored

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local practitioners restricting the features of the clinics in all

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classification. 2nd. InsufiSciency of grounds for exercise and

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but to reap its fullest benefits, we must be watchful, patient,

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I proved many years ago (and I think that J the proper cases, I am sure that patients will

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state, that a million and a halt of persons suffered tVoin an

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questions are sent to different distinguished indivi-

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respiration in the long was kept up, after the removal of the viscera hj artificial means. In

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on that portion of vapour which has escaped precipitation, and

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rized antimony 2 dr., syrup to form a ball; for the same. —

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men of this bean. Dr. Neill had used it since the last

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publications throughout the country have suffered, from the

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"self." It is indeed a common saying that the man would not have

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who are under orders for South Africa have already undergone inoculation,

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They often present a central white spot or area. Sight is not generaUy

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scrotum. The water-bottle was being used as a little urine was

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artery, a very common cause of hemiplegia, or of the vessels of the limbs

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way to it ; but what method of preparing milk co\ild be adapted

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Nor is it always easy to say beforehand, whether it is likely to suit