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160 times the human dose and have revealed no evidence of

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origin of this disease. In tabulating the causes Dr. Ladd said that there

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tion and effusion into the sac ; but a proliferation of the pericardium

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Diseases of the spinal roots. — ^The spinal roots may be affected by

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served scattered over this uniformly brown background. The mucous

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motor area of the brain, with consecutive descending changes

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me that people grow there, that they were slower getting their devel-

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calcined copper, copper scales, myrrh, isinglass, of each p. X- vi. crude misy,

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strips of zinc oxide adhesive plaster, and held in place

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is, perhaps, rather longer and more slender, and the nutrum

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Fig. 29. 121 days. An imperfect regeneration of the nasal bones following

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month which followed the second menstruation after the

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per annum. He resigned these appointments " on account of

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UP M^S « k -Tbe word^o, is synonymous with thatof^aj

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with the same facility as they did in South Africa, not only flesh

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But 1 have never in infancy known any instance of pain — severe, obstinate,

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Physicians, Edinburgh, to those with a surgical ; the Eoyal College

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from these organs, two points of" interest suggest themselves to the

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1955. Jordan, Claus G., 519 Sarah St., Stroudsburg, Pa.

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cious treatment they not unfrequently yield and entirely recover.

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and success in their future pursuits in life. ^, The retina itself is slightly fluorescent.

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acidity of the gastric juice be neutralized and intestinal peristalsis checked by opium

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violence. j after birth, with an ulcer situated on the

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c By aid of the figure in MS. G., fol. 17 b, which has trefoil

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be magnified by the combination of glasses employed, like any other

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maltreatment to. After confinement she was left debilitated, and

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so often urged upon the notice of the medical profession,

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Illustrated with one hundred and seventeen engravings. Philadelphia:

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muscles, mostly symmetrical, which follow one another

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ly and posteriorly. Complete heart failure seemed im-

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against ophthalmia neonatorum. I have never used this method,