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ber 25. Dr. Smith spoke on “The Doctor, the Nurse

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to do with the rest, while others moved in small groups or cliques.

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such as the Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdale, Shire, etc By selecting

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was called who gave her some relief by medicaments. It was noticed that

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tory of Johns Hopkins University, and Dr. R F. Ruttan, of McOill Univer-

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-of an inspector of the Bureau of Animal Industry: And provided further. That such

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Bilhuber-Knoll Corp., visit Booth 53. Your discussions will be welcomed on

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the Privine preparation of choice for direct use in the

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The dog was meanwhile kept alive under light ether anesthesia. The

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Nutritional elements absolutely essential to optimal

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The lonsr duration of the disease (18 years, to the knowledge of the

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ture of the development of the nervo\is system in the dcvelopin-^' animal.

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l)lood-vessels. As these have not been previously described, they are

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adults only as tra.-cs. In the first years ,.f life the .Teatine in b,.^

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cited by J. C. Beck,* who in observing the action of radium on sub-

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rabid animal a laboratory diagnosis is often demanded even though

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often are relieved by digitalis. Of course overdosage

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and goes through the diaphragm normally. It passes up slightly to the

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their physician who, however, did not find anything wrong. After that

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agents, on the other. The working force of the State has been forty-

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eighty-seven, forty-three hundred and eighty-eight, forty-three hundred and eighty-nine,

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Oastric Carcinoma in a Woman of Twenty-Six Tears. 86

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condition of the Association, all annual reports of the

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of the pamphlet and the advice offered by the sales-

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and top of the stage, the compressor is forced onward with mechanical precision, so that

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tremely high protein intakes are needed to minimize the loss

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photograph of a specimen of an injected pulmonic valve is shown in

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Fig. 12. Cross sections of stable shown in fig. 11 21)5

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slaughterhouse. Section 1158 provides that all slaughterhouses shall be thoroughly

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Two new lines of work are planned to be undertaken during the

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salt solution at 50 degrees C. This high pressure appeared to be the

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the northeastern part of the State, as follows : Stephens, Habersham,