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ing the condemnation of the long rectal tube by Brodie,

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because the formation of leukolysin and evidences of leukocyte de-

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of Plonrens, Hertwitch, and others are easily explained ; the motor fibres pass fh>m the cor-

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No doubt it must be considered as resulting from the quickening of

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llie cases were divided as follows : Of 340 syphilitic men, x had erythema nodo-

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pericardial sac, after removing about two pints of fluid ; and the patient

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the food I swallowed should not enter my lungs, or the air I

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plied in the usual way, and for several days the patient appeared to

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The Mosaic regulations with regard to intercourse during the menses were

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Of recent years, the researches of Eppinger, Frank and Kaznel-

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has been more or less symptomatic, or in accordance with

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neurasthenia has certainly been proven to be of toxic origin, and felt quite

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a normal mechanism often with left ventricular preponderance.

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bacillus by filtering veal infusion blood broth cultures after a period

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The skeletal muscles obtained from a case of myasthenia gravis,

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counties of Montgomery and Washington, calling on them to

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room to another in the same building. None of the subjects had

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A VERY interesting contribution, both to lovers of dogs

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walk. He was late in sitting up, late in teething, and late in

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the blood injection it rose 5.10 per cent., and thea

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than carcinomatous tumors, for example, aortic aneurisms. A cancerous

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Another valuable contribution to our resources is the fifth part of

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of great importance to me, as a confirmation of the hct that the cura-

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and many persons had taken the disease." At Mile-end

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talis as before; and also the lead and opium pills; sips of cold

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dyspnoea and other urgent symptoms were alleviated as if by a charm,

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in his own practice, and he had been able to collect

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head !.<■ shaved. In all severe cases this is indispensable. Such prac-

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fatigue and exposure to night air incident upon her going

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fact is that, in the case of the last two of these functions at least,

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transplanted segment was filled with a clot of recent formation. The lower