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other hand, an abundance of red globules exemiits from nervous disorders
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attenuation of the upper part of the body, the distended abdomen and the
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time, he commenced perusing medical works ; with no intention,
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fingers within the intercostal spaces and emplo3'ing peripheral and diame-
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Prices to non-subscribers, $1.25 and Si 1.50 respectively.
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fraction over 80 in the 1000, or 8 J per cent. It will be seen that
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consequence of the debility incident to the stomach affection.
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and efficient, there being no time to lose, I have thought the publi-
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acute and chronic forms, the same good effects have not been
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task of collecting and returning those facts in connection with the
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period of imprisonment at which the attack occurred, the form
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tive ease, and, with the exception of some slight stiffness and
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ceded by a sense of uneasiness referred to the right hypochondrium. In
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l/ucid language, clear type, a full index, and, above all, the presentation of the
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itotSi April 1st to May 30th. Graded three year course required. Women admitted. Clinical facilities.
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but attention to certain points connected with the local symptoms will
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tliifl point, and admits that the pyloric portion contains villi:
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rence of a slight cough, to auscultate and percuss the chest.
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cially the right one, were much enlarged and in a state of scirrhous
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tating influence of long sickness, and insufficient supplies of food
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of the blood in form and size, their dark color being due to the pigmentary
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With our present knowledge of nitrogen in the blood, nothing is to be
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The book is written in the characteristic vigorous style of its able and versatile
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Every fluid drachm contains 15 grains EACH of Pure Chloral
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one of which, after it attains to its full maturity, is provided with male
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(2) Wood— Therapeutics : Its Principles and Practice, . • " 6.00
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case in which the enlarged volume of the upper lobes was sufficient to give
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remedies are patience with infinite forbearance, the imperative bear
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quantity, or over-excited by the qualit}^, of food. Under these circum-
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foration generall}^ takes place after the ingestion of a meal, or in the act
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edition of Bayer* 9 Treatise on Di8ea8e9 of the Bone%^ with notes
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I have frequently known the sponge bath to be taken daily by tubercu-
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the inilmonary artery. Gangrene may occur as a result of either of the
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Londonderry Lithia Spring Water Co., March 17, 1892.
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afftiirs relating to public health was vested in five sanitary commissioners,
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appointed to inquire whether some plan may not be devised for