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nized. The patients who present themselves for treat-

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of a doubt. Other observers have also confirmed the opinions here expressed.

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of the cases that recovered — one came on fourteen days after the

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Case 5 (Kudaux). — Infant, set. 3 weeks, presented redness and

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preparations of guaiacum, namely, the simple tincture, the ammoniated tinc-

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odor, remained, but it was so volatile that in a few minutes all was gone.

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Ju w.v''^-;""/^n" 'Y '''l'\^ ^'T^'^^ ''^'^' 1'-"-" reLmmemt

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much smaller than the duct, and I found it easier to fix and drain the

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down to IMesopotamia from Northern Persia. Steps were taken to


as lupus erythematosus, which he separates, all but in name,

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I'lottis. We have, then, if a foreign body has been

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were the subject of study. The important conclusion of the Commission

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blunt instrument, aided by a few touches with the knife. After

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taken with great comfort." A patient with follicular inflam-

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'Fluctuation here is evident. There is partial anchylosis of the

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tion firom the noirmal standard of physical and intellectual man,

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as having been measles, which turned to small-pox, were really cases of small-

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I merely reported the case to get the opinion of the members as to

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contagions would perhaps render the acquirement of protection futile.

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over a space extending from the lower end upward three or

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the epidermic layers is seen about tlie iiilo-sebaceous follicles. The

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into this country. Tlie method in question is essen-

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the rectal coats. Muco-membranous colitis, he says, may,

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upon them, the number of their teaching staft" and the

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Hemiatrophy, facial, case of extensive wasting of type of (H.

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no visible contractions being at once obtained does not warrant us

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who attend the lectures; provide lights; — a per-

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62 per cent some days after primary hemorrhage. It is not defi-

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counted for by the reflex-inhibitory action of the vagus, which