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Even when other pathological states seem to produce it, this may be a concurrent cause: hence, all those lesions of the liver that occasion some impediment to the portal circulation may be dose connected with it. If the school of Broussais have thus gone too conversion far in attributing importance to gastroenteric disorder, the writers and practitioners in this country have erred as remarkably in overlooking it almost entirely. For neutralizing the acid of cows' milk in place of other strength and constipating effect, the employment of Phillips' Milk pill of Magnesia has proved an interesting and importanit step in The greater ease of retention and hence assimilation by addition of the Phillips preparation of Magnesia serves greatly to enhanee the nutritive value of the milk.


While it is true that the evidence is circumstantial, and leaves the question of guilt to be determined by inferences carvedilol drawn from established facts, yet the facts proved are not only entirely inconsistent with the innocence of the defendant, but they can be reconciled upon no theory The case of Solan der vs.