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Causation of influenza is obscure ; it was once thought

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worthy of a better cause, will turn from making up a ' pound of

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struction of a canal, but owing to the death of Cortez this project

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refers to various incidents in the life of the late Sir Robert

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Mountains between the tropics, cold in proportion to their height 5, 6

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surprising that even the symptoms improved ; she was dependent upon charity

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often being visible from six to twelve feet from the patient.

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population, as these requirements existed before the w^ar, the supplies

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ow one can or bottle of infected milk taken into a dairy and there

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They who have had large experience in electro-therapeutics bear testimony

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Bullettino della R. Accademia Medica di Roma, Anno XX.

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nels. I still believe that good results are seen by

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ble to remove by the vaginal route the pathological condition we have

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almost always perspiring. The ankle is frequently "turned out,"

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Home, Stillorgan ; and revised by the author. With 608 Engravings

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working classes, particularly where it is used unguarded by a

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St. Marylerone General Dispensary. — Surgeon. Candidates must be

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collapse (v. " Labour, Post-partum Haemorrhage," vol. vi. p. 281).

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Differential. — The points of discrimination between peritonitis

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ed eminence as to bid defiance to his o;)posers,and to ruin their credit.

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States, where it also existed. The isothermal difference is about ten degrees.

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age. Special storage conditions are required for whole blood,

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lengthen the physician fee freeze far beyond the dates

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method whenever it gives positive information." There is no relation

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arrest and disintegration of white corpuscles at the spot.

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there are some defects in the book, but, on the whole, it is,

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coition, which sometimes was followed by a slight sanioiis

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tunities for the study of Practical Anatomy, not inferior to any in the country. To the pupils, particu-

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and all these salts are more bitter than the alkaloid. It is

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The diagnosis of chronic strain of the heart is practically the diagnosis

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the tension of the eye became permanently normal (T n), and all pain in the

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such a condition, as we have shown you he was doing, why not af-

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the sac's contents. And such suspicion there must always

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any individual. He described particular programs which

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cal Society a vote of thanks for what they have done and

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the one case obstructive and the other anaemic, — or to any cause that

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tofy exudations not unfrequently form in the serous membranes and

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Lectures ;' but I have always claimed what merit there may be of improving the

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medical or lay, as occasion arises. This council should consist

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frequency currents, all of which are similar physically and

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usually those semi-arrested, have a marked tendency to it. Many of

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larynx and trachea. Diseases of the hirynx frequently involve the

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