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eruption and is seen during the first 30 hours of the dis-
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absent throughout the period of ol)servation in 3" cases, and in a fourth
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control. The bony changes which followed the muscular changes also
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cloth collars of garments worn about the neck, to the lining of gloves
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shovel or piece of sheet iron. When enough has been used ex-
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tents. This hour-glass condition of course disappears immedi-
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and gelatin, may be used. In the case of the latter, peristalsis should
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tooth or its socket is importantly at fault, by insisting upon
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without pulmonary and renal complications treatment must be
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the joint against infection, as for an indefinite pe-
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packs or compresses, and continuous application of heat or
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the court record in every criminal case. 3. Government
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remain unchanged ; in the case of tuberctdar deposit, the ex-
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ders were cared for by charitable institutions "les
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important also in a therapeutic connection. Above all, they indicate
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that I had written, saying that there had developed another fistulous
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After the usual preparations had been made the child
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inconvenient : for I never yet saw any man so gripe, but that
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forceps alter this relation you are immediately at fault. The
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any further comment, but will simply leave these notes on
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occur, closely simulating the picture of acute peritonitis caused by perfora-
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made to overcome the original injury. The muscles having been torn
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ticular therapeutical proceedings must, then, be looked on as
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the clinical aspect and issue negative grave organic alteration of the
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Much good is often accomplished by a careful regulation of the diet;
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between. Academies and preparatory schools have not thriven