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which the withdrawal of alcohol produces. As in delirium tremens,

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ings. Members of the Division joined in the efforts

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of the friends of this association, have justly excited.

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attended by any symptoms which are usually accepted as diagnostic

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Wherever there is pavement epithelium on tJie normal surface, and where

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and rectum are carefully observed, is usually not difficult,

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illustrated in the literature of the so-called gastro-mucous glands of the pyloric

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every way preferable. The mechanism of the inflammation is briefly as follows:

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submitted to the various subspecialties which will be

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of many of the spectators, at sight of a corpse bursting

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lation with 9,(XK) anthrax bacilli (subcutaneous), Mar. 3, 10 a. m. Died in 50

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glands but subsequently become dry. In ancient times the hypersecretion of

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Medical Examiners.— A Salt Lake City correspondent in-

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who die is that they succumb to an extension of the dis

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