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Hofpital for Infeetious Diseases in Chicago. — ^Several

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inherent tendencies of the patient's mind, must also be carefully consid-

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[le Microbe in Medicine, William T. Belfleld, M. D.,

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these lots were given a dose of x-rays governed by the following

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sive inflammatory stage. This is characterized by redness of

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the following points were noted : there is no motion in the right side of the

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tuberculosis were cured. At this stage of their work the

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naturally very suitable during pregnancy, when the diaphragmatic ex-

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of skin around the nipple, which incision is at once run

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freely in the intestines. The young brood of the intestinal tridiinsd

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• Diabetes education (or re-education) for patient and family

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to take advantage of every detail, of every measure that will enable us

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it requires the utmost care, but is, nevertheless, not so alarming as when

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a marked degree the nervous diathesis which predisposes

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tem."— [The Reciprocal Relations of Physicians and Clergymen— Rev. John M.

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for the most part, and the anatomy of the brain was

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died in twelve hours. Four of the other attendants had cholera of a severe

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Diabetes Insipidus. — B. Pribram * has made careful observations

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the patrol wagon and taken to his home. After arriving

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examination made, believe it will do no harm. I feel like thanking Dr. Powers

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sideration in this report as it is fully discussed in the various text-books upon

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unless he give several at a time \ As he can find no one

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Geo. H. Carpenter, of Moorefield, has retired from the

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the value of, 764; susceptibility to, Wasse, G. M., dosimetric medication, 256.

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A second mode of procedure is to make a suitable dilution in a

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of continuous secretion associated with gastric ulcer, or some kink in the

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des Findelweacns in Eurojia. Cong, internal, d'hyg. et

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its continuance,) is no doubt chiefly caused by the direct effects of the

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writers at the time, that intra-uterine transmission is possible

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invohintary movements which are sudden, jerky, and irreguhxr ; by a

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In undertaking the treatment of a case it is the writer's