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regarded as the exciting cause of the disease, often

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1. Repeated discussions of the purpose of the Nursing Department placed ma-

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there was complete intolerance of any instrument. The patient

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That the effusion of a watery fluid in a circumscribed cavity

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The history of a preceding attack of influenza, though

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endemic fevers of America and India, has been owing more to

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through the lower third by the lateral flap method,

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Officer, Worcestershire County, England. Jour. Royal

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e,g,, morning-sickness may be noMMi under the heading

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abundant downpour in 1886, when 32.966 inches — or as nearly

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alterations in the state of the blood, or at least may

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paniment or seqnela of many different diseases ; but depends immediately

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power of attracting crowds should receive the same remunera-

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Kraske, or even to remove it entire transversely on the line of the third

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hypertrophy disappear. Should the condition be allowed to con-

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of the teeth, foaming at the mouth, the tongue is thrust

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or any other vehicle of syphilitio contagion, upon a person who has a

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extravasated blood : they did not rise above the surface and would not

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space of time, and also to be hable to a disappearance equally rapid.

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lary warts or pigment naevi. The only difference is that in the latter

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gation and by the accounts of others. It may be presumed that a vessel

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ful whether the intermittent neuralgias are due to localization of the

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their impulses, to build a ‘psychological distance’ be-

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to the bottom, and with considerable tenacity adhered to

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a rational conclusion that the essential pathology of all symmetrical diseases

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the abdomen. Forty drops of Magendie's solution of morphia

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sule. It was found that whenever initial vibrations were present they

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yielded readily to a weak ointment. My experience with

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contains descriptions of about 1,050 species. This is an increase on the

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the Accession of Henry VIH. to the Death of Queen Anne (1509

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"I used Creo-Derma as an external application in the treattiient of three well marked

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tention will be paid to anonymous communications. Hereafter, cor-