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Treatment. In the initial stage, treatment should be that of the

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May 25-27: Annual meeting, American Thoracic Society,

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mouths, dyspnoea, pains in the chest, nausea, or similar

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very easily and very soon. Persons accustomed to walking notice that

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Hospital, the Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital, the Truss

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diet. Chittenden, again relying on the urinary nitrogen, gives

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group reaction of the agglutinins. According to Emery, they are spe-

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withstand a very large dose of the poison, and their power of

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the disease previous to the tenth century. The epidemics of the thirteentii,

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two years ago, when he began also to feel quite weak. About three years

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tonics, bitters, and nux vomica, without any result. Quite tired of her incessant

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plan and funds for families with dependent children)

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in March, 1865, and came to New York in August last.

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McCracken. Dr. J. R. : Haywood County Health Department 57

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Bryant, of London, Gaut, Frank Hamilton, Callender, Holmes,

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nervous symptoms in malarial disease were of a neuralgic char-

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