Canadian pizza restaurant owner raises funds for Pakistan

Pizza restaurant in Canada raises money for flood victims in Pakistan

A pizza chain owner from Canada has been using her businesses to raise much needed funds for flood victims in Pakistan.

Gina Rasool has a special connection with Pakistan as she grew up in the country before settling in Canada. She now owns two pizza restaurants in Sudbury, Pizza Pizza, which she has been using to raise funds for victims of the recent floods in Pakistan.

Several of Ms Rasool’s employees at Pizza Pizza have also been keen to join in and help raise more funds for the cause. The thoughtful staff have all got together to organise a charity dance which will hopefully raise even more money to help people affected by the floods. Pizza Pizza will be supplying the food for the dance which is due to take place on September 17th.

Ms Rasool describes Pakistan as a “male dominated” country and feels the women and children may be most at need following the natural disaster. For this reason, the Pizza Pizza owner is planning a 15-20 day trip out to Pakistan in November so she can hand deliver aid to ensure it gets to the people who are most in need.

So far, Pizza Pizza owner Ms Rasool has managed to raise $10,000 with $1,000 coming from pizza sales alone.

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