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silently taken place of late years in the domain of medi-
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term, with heart pulsations appreciable, but no effort at respiration. Tongue
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death in human beings, are not necessarily the cause
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Church. The Catholic Church, he says, whatever over-
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deal of difliculty to swallow the milk and beef-tea, often rejecting the
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of various degenerations of one or more of the important organs of the
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pain may be interpreted as a sudden relief of tension to which the gall-
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roth. The former, born in 1810 and deceased in 1887,
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We offer these explanations in order to indicate the flrst favorable condition
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Gas-Production by niin-.i-.iru.mi-m- h.i- In-cn alrf.idv dealt with in tin-
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described. Ovarian cysts of suflJcient size to distend the whole
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usually associated. Occasionally only dissociation of sensation is present,
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quantities of aliments but slightly nutritive, or who drink much of fluids.
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the average butcher in any of our smaller ^^j -^^ „,^g ,^^g ^j^^^^ inspection work is
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as stated. The operator then introduces the Galbiati
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few drops of a solution of chloride of barium dropped into it. This ad-
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the tick-bites, from which pains may radiate, and chilliness with
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poisoning. Various degrees of inflammation may be present,
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ner describes as being the result of cowpox, and as are now seen
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of potassium and lactate of iron in combination form Prussian blue'. Injected
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The Blood. The Red Cells and Hemoglobin. In all cases of con-
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developed in organs or tissues which have no direct connection with the
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in the skin over the lump, dissect it out and cut it off at the bot-
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full information as to the dietetic habits and state of health
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Part 10, pages 707-782.— Authors Heim to Hyrtl. Issued April 5, 1905. Price 5
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blood of a dark brown colour with frequent small clots. Its physical signs: In
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tion of the text ; these, together with the clear type, good
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The diagnosis of j^iulmonary tuberculosis having been
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tion will probably show his temperature to be elevated by two or three
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frontier customs officer; it possesses complete power of allowing substances