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history of cholera hospitals does not sustain the doctrine
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increases of gastric acid and of mucus. Relief by lavage is then
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patient. And this is especially manifested in that form of fever by the
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were swollen, lungs negative, heart presented a presystolic mur-
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become fully conscious that the members of our profession are neither
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gree the presence of those hard, scaly, adherent, bad-smell-
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tients on account of recurring infiltration. One patient
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jects, we feel that we shall need th** assistance of
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sification, no pigment, mucoid, etc.); showing no agglutination in
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culation brings about diminution of the lung volume, because, as
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Incidentally it may be remarked that the loco weeds, like other
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and to fulfil a most praiseworthy end of the medical profession ?
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marked small-cell infiltration. Now and then among the muscle
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to the libraries of our metropolitan and provincial
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this serum gravitates to the lower part of the eye so that ultimately
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producing area in the United Provinces. Wheat in the Punjab
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ascites not to drain. Should a recurrence take place
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significant to notice that of the three cases in which Moritz examined
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sion of revision, which will meet in Paris next year, at
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Tenneson, he thought it was very incomplete. He had
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was posterior and the internal malleolus end lay against
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tube. Hot air was again forced through for some min-
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about this time, I took a note of the following cases which
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safety as to preclude its use in favor of chloroform in
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nution of the neceffary and natural heat of the bo-
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the muscular coat presents a special texture which weakens its resistance.
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