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July 14, 1904, Dr. Graef was married to Irma, a daughter of Dr.
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of medicine in London, pursuing a course of three years
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College from 1897 to 1906, when he resigned and was appointed Pro-
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or in those which have lasted a rather long time. From a clinical standpoint
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very large, and is continually being increased by the commercial manufacturers
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of Brooklyn, New York, for more than thirty years, was born at
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Prof. H. P. Gatchell, M.D., has taken up his residence in Ashville, N.C.
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shore-dinner was served. After dinner the " Meteor" was again
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»«>» t<clunx to tbecb-iri^b. Ua i]i>.ili«f wa> ih.- (Jitnf""'
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successfully used sulpho-carbolate of soda as a prophylactic,
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ments of the articulation and of the fingers should be begun
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invisible into view. Man is made to inquire, — to ask ' how ? ' and
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The narrative style adopted will insure the very interesting and
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Hospital as interne, having obtained the position by com-
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wind, and the glint of sunshine on blue water. The book can-
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limit to which we can push conservatism in the cases of
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six : whereas in Boston, not above one in thirty-five died. The
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perfection of some of the fruits and flowers so temptingly set
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ress made by " preventive medicine" within the last few years;
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In recognition of his distinguished achievements in medical science
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1796. You will remember that this was soon after the end of the
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ished ? " and "Grant's Memorial: What shall it be?" "Ouida"
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tating but superior care of another. It would be diffi-