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gists, that the tubercular affection, like cancer, is

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is oedematous. Below the handle of the malleus is a sharply de-

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made by Babes, who, in the course of a paper on Ehrlich and

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first. Lateral incisors, eighth to tenth month ; anterior molars,

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Let us see what the possibilities are as taken from the New Jersey

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Experiment 20. — Cat A, weight 2,900 gm., was given on Mar. 31 at 10.35 a.m.,

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Surgeon-General Colviu Smith, C.B., I.M.S., retired,

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absence of all recognition of the infection of man from the horse would

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child. These self-accusations were always made with sobs and

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irritation, for which enucleation of the "exciting" eye was

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Ashton gives a preference to the ligature over other

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resthesia I introduce the cathode needle into the tumor

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The Diagnosis of Aortic Insufficiency. B relet (Gaz. d. Hop.,

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case, the composition is fully known, and the profession invited to investigate

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affected ; and in some cases, as for instance at the end of an attack of typhoid

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inflammations. The average proportion of desiccated fibrin in health is

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functional disturbance occurring in this connection ever proves fatal.

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be common. The symptoms indicated the position of the ulcer

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entirely confirmed the diagnosis made during life. Lastly, instead of

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their experience in attempting to limit the spread of

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two opinions concerning its importance or the value of


M. D., A. A. Blandy, M. D., and A. S. Piggot, M. D. Published Quarterly.

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moved, and diluted about five times with water, and the

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clinical difference in the two diseases which is also

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h^d palaie and through the upper lip {hare4ip). Both

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trine del sangne nella febbre. Riforma med.. Xapoli,

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epidemics, to which we have already called attention. (See p. 550.)

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reasoning powers, enabling him to subject and subdue nature to himself,