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necrosis, sphacelus, and gangrene are now used synonymously. Amid
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(n) Report of the Committee on a Sanatorium for the Nerv-
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served scattered over this uniformly brown background. The mucous
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ficial layer of the superficial fascia over the lower
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with a Study of the Visual Fields. By Charles A. Oliver, M. D., Phila-
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the simplest measure of understanding — for in sober troth
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a curve, the concavity of which is downwards. The moment
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to"?o'n^ .•'"• "Tf ''' ''''' '^°^ ^^^ '^''^''-S from the ere S the ilium
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article on this subject, contained in the number of
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mouth. The ordinary form of tuberculosis is usually the result of a
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apparatus was applied, and the screws carefully adjusted. No
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The operation was performed April 17, 1891, with the
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The following were elected officers of the among the U. S. troops in camp.
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even thirty -five years. If an interval of several months elapse without any
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small ward off the large one, and took place on July 5th ; the other in
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wood to serve for traction ; and quite recently Dr. Inglis has
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in families are caused by milk, or even solid food, contaminated in the
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Perhaps, however, the nurse's costume is considered to be
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be of essential advants^e to make ourselves acquainted
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law to be drawn from the times of the sun's greatest and
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changes except in the glomeruli. These appear as opaque,
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both externally and internally. It is sometimes employed
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typhoid fever does not seem to bear stimulation so well as
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occnpied a space eqaal to a No. 12 catheter. The dilatation might be carried
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Philips Croker, M.B., M.R.I.A., President of the King and
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matters, worms, the irritation of dentition, &c. cause a sympathetic dis-
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tlie then universal opinion on that point was well grounded.
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seduction of example, when they are opposed by reason, and
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and is to be regarded as an accident and not related to the disease. In
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developed class system and enforcing a more regular
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course is intended for general physicians and is spon-
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will permit me to offer, in the name of this assembly, our
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patient died of peritonitis four days after operation.