Is Trazodone Used To Treat Bipolar

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the bowels. When first seen by Dr. Waters, the symp-

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conceivable that tubules might still remain in the walls of the cystic sacs;

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teristic of a great amount of fatty change in the accumu-

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the party were asleep, we have the following description of

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Repr. from : Centralbl. f. Chir., Leipz., 1897, xxiv.

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light on another question, namely, that the cerebellum has

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W. S., MALE, aged 49, was sent to me from the casualty department

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61-04 — Browcr (D R.) The necessitj' of reform in

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*Traite des Maladies des Enfans nouveau-nes ct a la Mamelle.

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a good deal before it will be comfortable for a medical

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ble that the decrease of leucocytes observed after serum injec-

trazodone hcl drug classification

ignorance of the narrators as to the channel or channels through

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leg, by bandaging or any form of splint, brings about a measure

is trazodone used to treat bipolar

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land the sheep are most often affected on account of

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impairment of the vascular system as some of the results of lithemia.

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of this mode of infection. Loos has shown that on the completion of the exog-

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dream, exaggerated though its imagery was, these reflections

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a low case mortality and shows but little tendency to spread, it is

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To avoid breaking the thread which connects the different

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mortem picture is more complete, the findings being as follows : —

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accurately recorded by Salathe, Francois Franck, Mosso, Elder, Hutchinson,

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adopted. The patient's temperature is taken ; if found

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histological examination to be tuberculous. The other glands were

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^ Uhlenhuth, E., /. Gen. Physiol., 1918-19, i, 305.

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faints more readily when standing up than when lying down. It is

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1917, by Dr. C. E. Royce, the hospital pathologist.

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traumatism;" and, finally, a third morbid state, to which Sambon gave

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Barclay, William F., A M.. M.D. .<)_». 115, 291