Vessels not carrying a medical officer should be subjected to two inspections, one within the straits and the other at Suez, although they may be precio merely en route to the Mediterranean and have no commerce with the Egyptian or Red Sea ports.

Violent and long-continued vomiting produces small hemorrhages into parts of the eye, weight and sometimes serious results follow. The disease seems to depend upon the presence of a foreign element, partaking of the nature of the bacterial organism, or of a pathological ferment, which increases within the system and finally produces the explosion of the disease (effects).

Paralysis of accommodation is probably the most frequent loss of the ocular complications of diabetes.

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Percussion revealed dullness at the right sides of the "side" apex and base. But those of a constitutional origin usually commence either in the arachnoid covering the dura mater, or in the fine connecting cellular tissue (mg).

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