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which of the sounds it is synchronous. I venture to hope that

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cles, one situated about the center of the wall of the left ventricle, the other

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healthy colour of the countenance fades ; a sense of weakness or

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One word of caution might be mentioned in passing. No surgeon has

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In this edition the author has incorporated " the long-

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only two cases having occurred during the week ending

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lungs, which causes great loss of body heat. The greater

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sciences. The applicant must have a reading knowledge of one modern language other

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pancreas in dogs is brought out of the abdominal cav-

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reactivation of a shaken serum, but before attempting to explain this

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eral principles which governed the trustees in the adoption

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"Look a here. What are you going to teach in regard to malaria?

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eminent jjractitioner and teacher in New York, after the fourth or fifth attack,

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informs us that the active principle, 'strychnine, is the same in the bean

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( L. ) fipi.sta.xis r6petees chez deux paludeeus; action

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the possibility also of the existence of a partial enterocele (a

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2. Hechanism of Enmination in Animals. — ^The act

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sional determination of blood to the part of the enveloping membrane of

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seem to give warrant for the removal of the turbinal.

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riencing sensations. Infancy, as Bichat truly says, is the age

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four hours from the initial symptom, of perforative appendicitis. If

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each 3 ; butcher, gardener, cooper, motor mechanic, male

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valuable. The indication "to reduce excitability" is not a discovery of

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in his own practice, and he had been able to collect

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secrete, the subcutaneous tissues gradually absorb a normal

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are scattered in patches througliout the cortical portions of both kidneys, and

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days, and there was no fecal evacuation for 7 days, in spite of

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on the Great Lakes in his youth, since which time he has worked in a starch

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Painting them with the tincture of iodine is the best remedy, and in-

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and the requirements of the system. Strychnine stimulates

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this substance for the production of anaesthesia in sliglit operations

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tion of drugs, which have been tried in the past and

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the tenth day after feeding on typhus blood. The virus is found in the blood of

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But the most dangerous and by far the most perplexing inflam-