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8. On the Functions of the Cerebellum. Dr. "W. H. Dickinsox,

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the same amount (i.e. 12 oz.) in chloroform chamber. The Roman figures show

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Hon. Carter Glass, Secretary of the Treasury. Surg. Gen. Merritt W. Ireland, U. S. A.

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season, acclimatisation, irregularities in diet, exposure

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disease is not common. One boy, seven years of age, with

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addition to the above there is a subcuticular mottling.

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grouped about the sacculated form, and, in regard to

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The equation contains the Boltzmann expression, where

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are not so common except after abundant ingestion of milk or easily melted fats.

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those three weeks this patient had been constantly inoculated

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ever, which are wholly confined to the painful part, there can

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lary warts or pigment naevi. The only difference is that in the latter

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]{y the constant giving off of branches the arteries become smaller

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hypothetic matrix. In the absence of this " matrix of

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removed about an inch from each other, and the inter-

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work as laid down. It has been my aim, while visiting these

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form of poliomyelitis. Certainly it is closely allied to it. Twelve

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lymphatic glands, or a swollen upper lip, or sore ears, or a

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with gastric digestion in the frog. Electrical stimulation

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in obstinate vomiting. He reports the case of a young woman, aged twenty

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chooses the glands of the ileum as its point of attack, and is doubtless

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tions of amendment, and this infirmity of purpose is one of the

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these vesications, one of them be pricked with a needle, the

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tion wave has spread to the ventricle. On the other hand, if the P-R

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painful sensations in the lower abdomen, partly relieved on going to

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but in after life. Cotton, linen, and even leather, worn next to the skin,