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decrease in blood pressure and at other times by an excessive increase
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and to tell the hour on a watch. He had a tolerable night's rest, having
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as when it seeks to explain by such a principle the propagation of
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midwifery, ami infectious cases the charge is £1, 10s. per
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sion towards the cutaneous surface. To these causes Lombard adds a
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the opportunity of showing how a blow directed from above has so
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a primary poisoning of the nervous system. He detailed a
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Treatment.— Purge moderately, not exhaustively ; blister the
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entirely abolished. With the exception of the flexor brevis
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the symptoms discussed in the last lecture and of others
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they are indebted to a muscular coat. I shall here quote from the
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Charities of the State of New York. 8vo, 576 pages.
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spinal marrow, it is thus demonstrated, is to transmit or conduct
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that the child had probably died of convulsions, and that, in order to dispo
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puytren is that least adapted to this end. Such stumps are, how-
resulted in New York State from general paresis in 1911 than from
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syringe. The ulcer is now dried and a solution of nitrate of
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" Irregularity and intermittency of the heart's action
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Symptoms. — The clinical manifestations arc those of pulmonary
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ated. Here, again, I must protest against the fallacy of supposing
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It may be familiar to some, for I have already used it as an illustration.
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casts with paraffin rests on his method of using " a spray of melted
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than the raw mushrooms ; while the mushrooms thus boiled
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bladder are not infrequently involved, but cysto-tubercu-
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paroxysms, but is extended to the free intervals between them — in other
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author has evidently given his subject careful study and
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one case (Beg. v. Tommey, Warwick Lent Assizes, 1854), tried before Cole-
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This comprises the caecum, colon, and rectum. Its whole length
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expose clearly the anatomical position. With this in view the
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one eye to the other ; a complicated defect that may be observed by cov-
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330. — I^opes Utinguassu (P.) Fistulas gastricas.
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theritic conjunctivitis, according as the inflammation is superficial and
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Of these, 7 were non-viable, i. e., were born after less
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Hotel, Greensboro, February 14, 1918, with Drs. Highsmith and Long
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