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A tendency to prostration could be avoided, and the strength

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tion in which the location of the foreign body is determined b}' observa-

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more serious in the acute and septic forms than in the phlegmonous forms.

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or less febrile movement, which is more marked and continues longer

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to the loss of even the most trifling quantity of blood.

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I advised its immediate removal by operation-; however, he

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vening liver tissue and into the abscess. The aspirator

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student for a guide, although the experienced will find truthful

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oome together smoothly, without the aid of compression or deligation.

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By H. A. Hare, M.D. II. Essentials of Materia Medica and

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must (we conceive) have existed from the beginning, and been

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that it had come from one of the cow-houses of London.

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cent, metaphosphoric) was prepared each day from 5 per cent, solutions

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"which, continuing to increase in volume during the progress

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1 state this case to show what must be the nature of the treatment

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remain free from it for twenty or thirty years. The disease is most frequently

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ments of Szokalski, who, on removing the cerebral and

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entirely caseous, with a narrow zone of connective tissue about the margin.

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children learn quickly to understand what is said. There seems to be

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dent to the mobilization it was necessary to cancel

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Venice is the head-quarters of all Padua lunatics, of

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Laceration. — This is performed by Hays' knife-needle (Fig. 378),

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both long ill, and are much debilitated by the efi'ects of the disease, and

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pupils, with slight left-sided pto.si8 and paresis of the abdu-

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Courvoisier's Laic. — In the great majority of cases of obstruction of the

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will be seriously felt in his vicinity as a physician, as a Christian,

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duce those substances in the blood which confer the immunity

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portion of the present century, and also to show the

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losis, or to pass an applicant after a care- found scattered throughout the first year

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had a certain resemblance to tlie subject of this article, for it was charao-

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hours, revealing acute anterior injury; (bottom) ECG at 19 days, compatible with an