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the organs; the marked degenerative changes in the muscles; the scat-

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vacated by consumptives are immediately re-occupied

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Dr. J. C. Reeve believed that whatever position a woman might assume

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stances it will be true; in certain other instances

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less pain radiates from this central and fixed pain, and is felt in the

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three small tumors removed from his leg at different

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Without doubt the most frequent departure from the normal state of health is

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The established statistical fact of the frequent affection of school-

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Board of Health in promoting educational work. The state

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acute, nor is the outline shown on the fluorescent screen sufficiently distinct,

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bers by judicious operative procedure and a cure will fol-

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of alcohol as proven by experiment. Miniverni* found

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easily tire out? No. Are your bowels regular? Yes. How

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peculiar bronchial irritation ; furthermore, that with a

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nations, and elevated SGOT, SGPT, total and direct bilirubins,

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drop to pieces; will you have aided your patient by an ocular inspection

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It is just possible that a sibilant sound may proceed from a

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as "Vasiline" and *'Carmeen" and for "Corte plaster

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tion need be felt as to the propriety of using it with cai'C and

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articles were originally written by Dr. P. G. Unna, the celebrated derma-

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stage Dr. Hardie rendered help by pressing on the breech with both his

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purely emotional shock. If shock may be classified under

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But when the medicine is taken, these properties do

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the young lady, who was to leave the house in disgrace ;

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arrangement of contents is systematic and the tabulated questions at

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groes who ate of the ffesh of the diseased cattle. She recovered

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case when Mr. Brown uses the scissors to effect the

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which protruded from the mouth, had been bitten by the teeth,

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symptoms of salivation appeared, for two months. He had at the same time a

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ence of dental X-ray negatives, absolutely essential in

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to clearness. The clear solution was pipetted into dark brown, tightly

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muscles spring to execute. Powerful emotion often kills the 'body at

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is known to be rare, but not so in children. The prognosis, there-

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If, however, instead of making a single impression of

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bined skill of the staff of a large hospital. On the

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exceptions, the office is in no way referred to in the pres-

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1896; '""Lancet," July 12, 1897; ""Journ. Laryng.," Aug, 1897;