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growth must be close to the freezing point. It is clear that low tem-
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ago, and has accomplished during those years much admirable
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1 The Arabic text, printed at Leyden in 1894, constitutes vol. viii
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915. Gravy Sippets— Ingredients— 2 or 3 sippets of bread, gravy
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set of the attack. All authorities urge operation as early
still further improvement was the ligation of the vessel, exter-
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Hepatic dulness was dimini.shed and displaced upwards.
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next meeting of this Association (being the last of the present
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the binary and quaternary divisions and the entire muscle.
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pily, there is a method of treatment which has the -sanc-
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The bridge of the nose is fiat or sunken, and the epicanthic fold, which
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who spend most of their time on the quays, have not
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But they are not so much injur'd by Study, who only
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Dr. Lewis was essentially a home-loving man ; those who have
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were previously corrected, I prescribed certain preliminaries
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cess. . Frequently, balls heal up within the bone, are overgrown
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needs of all but the two per cent of these families whose
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never abandoned, seeing that the resources of medicine were
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cases, the temperature begins to decrease; for, al-
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Send to: Chris C. Crenshaw, 201 First Union Bank BIdg., Durham,
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had thus infected in turn not only those in the Mc-
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rectum, and bladder direct support, while they in turn support the
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does not pit on pressure. The skin is cyanosed, whence the name of blue
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their noses in the same way. Professor Gartner, a few months
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to which I must briefly allude. "N^Tien at an autopsy one finds a tumour,
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several regions, it is not so in all regions. It has its
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In some states of depraved digestion there is nearly a complete
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above) there would seem to be a definite relationship. The young are not