ity and because of their somewhat doubtful causation.

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1. A Lecture on the Conditions Which Govern the Growth of


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extremities, generally in the hand. The parts become

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Yonkers, presented a portion of pleura which ha<l been re-

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to believe that absolute alcohol is immediately fatal

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F.R.C.S., President. Dr. C. 0. Bavlis, Medical Officer of

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fore advised a rapid exploration of the right inguinal

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physicians. Crotona was also celebrated as the birthplace

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For one pill. To be given every five or six hours, ac-

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moved on the eiffhth day after the operation. The suc-

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The results do not ofi'er any definite conclusions for aid in

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guished themselves in this particular department, that they have been so

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many others that she has purged of the unscientific practices of

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and so on ; not to mention older devices of invagination,

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Leipzig, 1784, Bd. ix. Grasset, Lemons sur la grippe, Paris (Masson). Grave.^,

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: .1' illi '■..., /)'. I I'lfi :ii'^ni< and Ii. h't.iin \ hen eniiditinn- are unla\iiural-)le

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stipulated no time. The patient must surrender himself

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meningitis the infiammation, as a rule, extends over the whi

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understand the further specialization of function in the

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test made with the use of charcoal or carmine will show that the time

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dition is usually confounded with tuberculous hip dis-

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mere charm, which they apply more for the sake of something to

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sis," and caused by a unilateral degeneration of the

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gen <Verhandl. d. 3. Nord. Kong. f. innere Med., Kopenhagen (1900).

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Thft " IVf Ti " Send £4 17s. 6d. to H. WHITE and he

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affecting the germ-cells, especially during maturation. Thus syphilis,

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soui'ce of iri'itation, under the ordinary conditions of

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all complicated by more or less severe bronchitis, par-

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5 G. Posey: Trans. Ophth. Section, Amer. Med. Ass., 1905.

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and drink into the laryngeal cavity during the act of' deglutition ; the re-

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of the sickness, whore typlioid prevails in a community, this fea-

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compelled to subsist on fluid diet. In September, 1878, she en-

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thelial cell of the blood and lymph channels and is formed by

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he may not be offended by their coarseness, and may react upon