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a fact that but a fraction of the product of Chicago's stock yards is
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light. Chloroform was given by Dr. Nelson, the pulse being well
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hands ; the wearing of simple respirators, or the use of safety devices.
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The Diet in Chronic Diarrhea of Infants. — If the child be under one year
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condition never lived through their labors, she sought the advice
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habit may be put off almost indefinitely, however, in the case of the
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medical chums to amuse themselves with. The hope of the
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cause those causes could not, under present surroundings,
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successfully treated by atropine, and at various times since, further cases
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two groups of cases have occurred in different localities or
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that gastric and duodenal ulcers in man are usually
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required some force to restore them to their natural position. In about
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to show and register the degree of pressure exerted on the
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slightly from below upwaids. The joint is easily entered and you
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Chemistry and micro-chemical investigations have also modified
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effusion forms a parabolic curve quite frequently, though he adds that it
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40. Mental TherajMutlcs. — ^Tlie central i4ea of Dewey's
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in the treatment of all diseased joints. He " was the first
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4. Some of the Minor Details Frequently Neglected in Cataract
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as from the origin of the gastrocnemius; and finally, all the
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expression of love, respect, and good wishes of the noblest of
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air are usually in a positive state. In cloudy or stormy weather,
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author has taken years to develop the test for clinical
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can be accomplished in 10 or 15 minutes. He has not had
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to an ovarian or primary abdominal pregnancy. That is to say, wherever the
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The respirations are accelerated, and there is more or less cyanosis, with which
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follows : Foreign bodies are now known to play a much
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sound and th» patient reported well. All cases of ulceration, however,
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livid ; the eyes, surrounded with black rings, sink deeply in their orbits ;
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In No. 48 of the Berliner medicin. Wochenschrift Dr. F. Mendel reports a case of
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confine itself to the intestinal mucosa, where it may
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It is in the second stage of labor that we have the most fre-