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iments is not only interesting but extremely useful. Useful, because by
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which most obviously affect us, are of temperature, moisture and
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applicant possesses a diploma conferred by a medical college or not.
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belief; for in some instances where the anaesthesia produced by
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nity are interested in reading their lives. Dr. Davis, and others, had
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ologists attribute the production of the light to electrical
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1853), "and also from analogies to be found in the animal
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and secretion — and even beyond this, of perception and
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7. Certificates to be conferred only by a board of seven, chosen
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gress of the case out of the ordinary course of typhoid fever,
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of the congenital variety, is the most difficult step in the opera-
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I concluded to dissect away the mass ; it bled, and I carried a
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siring to convey to our readers some idea of its scope, we beg leave to offer
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white patch or opacity of the integument, of a roundish or oval
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in 1845, amounts in the aggregate to 5,900, or an average of nearly
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Without further comment, the inquiry might be dismissed
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fectly united. During the boiling it must be constantly stirred with a piece
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When the poisoned liquids were examined under the mi-
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trol over the movements necessary in replacing the bone, it was
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M. LandohT mode of treating cancer having gained considerable notoriety
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In reference to the dose of two hundred drops, or one-fourth of
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matter issued from the wound, as nearly as I can recollect, a
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burn. (3) Taste unchanged. (4) Appetite good between the
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We are invited in practice to imitate the mode adopted by
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what may be regarded as established — as facts in science, — they have
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power rests in the college exclusively; if its standard is high it matters but
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Notwithstanding the ease with which she said this could be
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ration commenced, the little boy cried, and all was safe.
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purposes which such an institution is designed to accomplish. When
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immediate inguinal colotomy that would give temporary relief to
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health, remarkably good. In the caurse of the next year, he
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need to discover a morbid matter in the blood in every case of
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thing wrong about the bladder, or in the passage of the urine, ex-
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isolated together, and then separated from each other, each being
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