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to be able to urinate at all. The whole urinary apparatus had be-
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attributed the syphilitic lesions to the mercury itself, since the
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subcuticular suture of fine catgut. er operation would support the uterus sat-
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"rusty" appearance. At this time, of peculiar susceptibility to its influence; for
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tion and of the larynx are also usually attacked by spasms.
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it only relieved the subjective symptoms. Sleeplessness and
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the facts and deductions derived from the bed-side, and in our own section of
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hepatitis, acute swelling of the spleen, and myositis. The
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I would be w r ell. Conducting me back into the ante-room, he sang out
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and presenting them in the best and most convenient form. The
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The quantity of quinine may be varied according to the wish of the pre-
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the loss at even a higher percentage, say ably also the excessive use of tobacco in
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and Reybard, in France, could be mistaken with regard to the
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pose that another physician should test the action of lemon -juice,
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surface spots are shown to be patches of an amorphous sub-
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■*Ether should be used in preference to chloroform for rabbits, as the
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mentation, and in no way affects or changes the constituents of the flour. There is
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many of our people stranded in the west, gave a clear and concise description of the
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Bramwell adds the details of several successful cases. (See
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by the homoeopathists, or more confidently recommended by them
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of acute insanity consisted, as some persons seem to imagine, in
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detriment, and it is an undeniable fact that ^^^'^ '" ^'^^ ^^^ °^ recoveries than have
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times present. The mucous membrane of the larynx and
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Influenza is a generic term employed to designate a large
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the age mentioned. But let us multiply this dose,, say four hun-
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as a matter of course, he must also regard, as very considerable.
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with a little faecal matter and a considerable quantity of mucus.
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diseases of this climate have a malarious ingredient in them.
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ture through the day and give at night and morning a powder
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and such of their flocks as they could influence had followed suit, and the
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1 J- ■ ,.^. , r cases. As a rule the infection begins in or