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segment going to form anterior and posterior fontanelles
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monium chloride. Artificial indigo, by synthesis from
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ance. In other words, the bone lesions are prodromic.
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slow labour, and on examination, I found the os uteri dilated
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*'"«'-tlier the milk may not have been fouled by particular cows
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agent through the nervous centres, an equality evidenced also
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tion the characteristic whistling sound could be heard at some-
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interruption for a week, as lead colic sometimes does.
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the normal functions of a part, and as the result of local
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General William Huntington Russell was a friend of Abraham
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under heavy shelling . From 4 a.m. till late the following evening he was continually under
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lary oozing. When these measures are unsuccessful, or if the
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story, have done so ever since the onset and have remained approxi-
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the walls, or the papillary muscles. Severe stress from physical exertion
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Prize. Subject of Examination — Practical Anatomy— Junior.
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against. In the following week severe cases may show continued fever
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this. " So many persons now resort to Paris as an El Dorado,
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I am decidedly opposed to the plan of my friend, the
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entitled to the appellation hitherto,) is so far be-
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tubercular peritonitis. The symptoms were jjain and
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arrived at had been that it was thyreoid, solid, and cystic, situ-
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nervous type of subjects. The sexual appetite early declines, and is
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Stated Meeting, March 24, 1899, the President, Thomas Hunt Stucky, M. D.,
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accurately recorded by Salathe, Francois Franck, Mosso, Elder, Hutchinson,
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patient lived only fourteen hours after the operation.
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out success. As regards how much of the tooth still re-
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with the upper portion of the sacrum, projecting backwards ; the lower portion, with the
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charge for one day. Muscles stiff and sore, could not turn
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lor in-lance, .1 hit in the head w.iU.ed tliree hundred \ard- to a
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or monoplegia (facial, brachial, or crural), according to the centres involved,
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a good one. The subjects incluiled iu it are, in the