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The bronchial catarrh appears to have been an affair of some standing, the child

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Sunday. — ^The features were collapsed ; the ala nasi distended ; ge-

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poisoning, evidenced only by slight anaesthesia of the

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Anderson, Dr. James H., cholera-infantum, 313 ; notice of

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as long as may be necessary. In tubercular peritonitis the good

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immaterial. We must remember, however, that the glands in the

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ator intravenous injection is easy, it is a procedure of suffi-

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Iviii, 293 ; 408. A?io, Eepiint. . Compte-rendu de la

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• Rarely, reversible hyperactivity, nervousness, insomnia, confusion,

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disease approaches 106 deg., the patient is in immi-

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a short space of time, is a high tribute to its merits.

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condition headache is the most prominent and the one

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let. A soft rubber drain from the bladder is sutured iu the

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fession will soon be able to report the results of investi-

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mistaken for them, although they consist mostly of nothing but the Ingredients

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evidently a contributing cause. The strain in education,

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or graduaUy. In the latter case the paralysis is preceded by excite*

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With the exception of smallpox and chicken-pox, it is very

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still being uninvolved, and where it is possible by fol-

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of palmitin and stearin present. The proportion of the solid to fluid

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•ilmeBty perhaps the costiveness induced by the former operation of the

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their relations, and I have to thank Dr. Beach for al-

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laud M. J., Bait., 1895-6, xxxiii, 165-168.— [ BIcsMig &

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senile pruritus, in which, according to our observation, there are no

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ing in a draught ; the exposed part is chilled ; the

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Any record, however brief, of this class of injuries would be

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periostitis, and ostitis. The bones of the skull and the spine are some-

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have not yet seen it. From our knowledge of the author, we

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Alcoholic stimulants should, if possible, be avoided ; if given, they shotdd

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forms a vesicle. The cells are separated into groups, and not from each

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had crushed its way through a mass of hypcrtrophied glands, which filled

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as may be seen in the swiftest cases of infantile paralysis.

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I shall now relate two analogous cases from my private practice.