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ical Herald. Charles Wood Fassett, Secretary, corner Sixth and Charles streets,
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examination of the blood revealed the presence of methre-
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The text is based upon a system of teaching which has been
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were given freely, and with good effect. Where brandy could be
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patient was unable to read, either by sense of touch or by the optic tract, although
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this seems to me equally opposed to a correct appreciation of pathological
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iodnced by irritating matters' in the alimentary canal, the irritation extends from the
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the mamma. This was followed by considerable soreness and cough,
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A six-year-old girl, rather sickly from mild rachitis, and later from
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be due to any special fitness or unfitness for society.
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mastitis ; I have removed two breasts for this condition within the last
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appreciated by the physician, may result in years of comfort
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11. FuU pulse— A denomination applied to a pulsation which seems
promethazine pills 25 mg while pregnant
hygienic measure, it will rarely be persisted in. It is often essential, ther9^
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formation on prolonged cultivation, the slight tendency in that
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woman of the most loathsome diseases to which she is subject. The
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Lake City, 1893, 100.— Rowtirolla (A.) Contributo alia
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support the powers of life, under the hope that sloughing and recovery may
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tongue. The tumor, which was of the size of a small orange, had only been
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violent neuralgic pain distressed her from time to time, and only yielded to
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he had published little, but he had carefully collected notes
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and tetany has been recorded by Stewart of Montreal.
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Treatment. — Santonin is the classical drug for ascariasis. It is given
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crithidial in type, migrate to another part, and attach them-
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The usual Huygenian eye-pieces not being well adapted to photo-
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that the reactions are frequently delayed, both in the natural disorder
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follow vaccination more or less frequently. This is also admitted
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the patient be delivered under the influence of chloro-
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The older surgeons will recall the introduction of Plaster-of-Paris
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thing like this in subsequent cases, but nothing approaching it in
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At this meeting the Secretary-Treasurer was instructed to notify
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entirely absent). After the shock was rallied from, and
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effect was twofold : placed dry upon the tongue, it destroyed the
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fourteen and fifteen drops, an evident change took place in
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