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■engraved from drawings or photographs furnished by the author,
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strongly enough he will bring up bile ; indeed, I should take a plentiful supply of
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to disease of the pancreas, rest only on conjectures. Jaccoud holds that
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Neither is it always necessary to produce a certain
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the household and friends, and to all concerned ? Besides, what detriment will a few
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Pigmented retina was first described by Donders, of Utrecht, as a
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Relieved from operation of Par. 2, S. O. 42, c. s.. Department of
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rotations on some more or less longitudinally directed axis.
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the removal of the cataract. Great care was enjoined in the use of the
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YOU will oblige me by communicating the following memo-
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effect passes off after a few hours, and that there is no good evidence (except
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sus, was 1,350,000 gallons. — i/«/J/'^• MerchanW Magazine.
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1 . Incubation at 20 ° C. This was repeated several times with fully
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Serum of a Horse Inocuj.ated with Shiga, Flexner-Manila, and Park-Mt. Desert Types
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influence. The foods which most abun- country cculd have wished for this war, any
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explained, and from which they arise, being therefore
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xiv, 58.5-602, 2 pi. — Zoja (L.) A proposito della presenza
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smelling pus \vhich caused the intestines to be covered with grayish
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ache of a dull character is often present and may at times lead to actual
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bacilli and their products — whether the brain, the
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granulation and connective tissue enclosing suppurative foci, abscess
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The situation of the tender points in intercostal neuralgia has been stated
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Verger {Arch, gen. cle med., Paris, December 1900), noting first that
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Medical Officer. In some districts, aa we are informed,
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contributor is Dr. Courtois-Suffit, who writes on diseases
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of their Education Committee, " that the course of pro-
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involvement, the latter being dependent upon the dura-
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operation in other countries, and might as effectively be com-
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chimiche analitiche suite castagne coniuni. 4°. [Napoli,