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nized. For the author deals not with drugs, but witli

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both njiper extremities. Times Sc. Reg.. Phila'., 1893, xxvi,

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\ was to be done? Dr, , by wiiom I buen called

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a false membrane will be found on the epiglottis, over the vocal cords,

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organs are almost entirely free, whilst the abdominal organs are extensively

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must be also healthful to the stomach. A greater fallacy can scarcely

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TuUoch, k.C.B. ; R. Valpv ; C. Walford; Rev. W. Who-

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ward to show the necessity for subdivision of the work in

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choose a mixture in which this latter group is present in

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consists essentially of a table which appeared in the

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pneumonia may either be secondary, making its appearance after the fever has set in,

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and is afterwards distributed over the body on the disruption of

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Strong minds, great hearts, true faith and willing hands,

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bid condition of the blood, or both may be combined. General dropsy,

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what audible notice does it give of its morbid condition ? Why

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As a result of compression of the lung or greater bronchi, dy^ncea

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given with much circumspection, in order to avoid risk of narcotism. Ex-

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its greater liability to deceive the practitioner than the second,

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and the by-laws were remodeled to correspond with the amended

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1823 to 1830, Hertwig published his " Contributions to the

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number of papers may be read and a fuller discussion be given to each.

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this double examination will eliminate more applicants than would

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age of dye eliminated, which itself may have been due in large part to

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cws/iion," from the exit of pins which take place at various intervals,

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might be a scalp wound only, but our X-ray report was, "Some

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an answer in the next No. of the College Journal. I am annoyed con-

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then follows a conglomeration of equally instructive data,

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oblige by forwarding the titles as early as possible to

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Treatment of the Night-sweats of Phthisis. — Huchard

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mencement of the experiment, had their weights accurately ascer-

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than the refractive changes incident to old age and a life of

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included in the summaries. The results in one case of Cut 2 and one case of Cuts 3 and 4

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Septemb ;r 7. — All the urine was voided per urcthram, and a

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Cask 2. — Huring the winter of 1801, Mrs. B., aped 30 years, of a strumous

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and continued until the 23d. From March 18 he was given two feedings of acid