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D. Vogel, Bookseller, Easton, Pa. 1910. Price, $1.00.
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be gentle and should be taken out of doors. As before intimated, a
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sae. It gives the sugar-reaction with Fehling's solution (Osier).
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gullet ; (e) local disease, as carcinoma of the esophagus, glandular or
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be widespread, the metastatic nodules being also green in color, but
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infectious, probably caused by a specific micro-organism, although it is
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from the ventricle during cardiac systole. Hence the requirements for
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urine and hydrochloric acid, and then adding, drop by drop, a concen-
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^Enlargement of the spleen is a frequent characteristic symptom, and
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fatty acids in the stomacli. Urine that contains acetone in pathologic
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pain, over the side of the chest involved may be experienced. In cases
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or pelvic organs. The peritoneum may either be the seat of numerous
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fever, enlargement, and even hectic symptoms occur singly in other
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It is usually preceded by bronchitis aflecting the larger bronchi, and
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a healthy reaction on the part of the surrounding tissues. All dead
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parts are greatly swollen, thickened, and contain distended lymphatics
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herds), and workers in factories who handle the hair or hides of such
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mine the true totality of the symptoms. To be a true follower of
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new-born, {b) Grave forms of anemia, as pernicious anemia and chlor-
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of secondary pneumonia. Pulmonary infarction occurs, but is a rare
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Florida, died on December 10, at the age of 59. Previous to her marriage
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willing to arrest the loss of nervous function by ceasing their excessive
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This implies diminished peristalsis or constipation. A greater or
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accentuation of the valvular sounds, may be audible even for some
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of a decinormal solution of sodium hydrate are added slowly from a buret
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preataxic stage (pain, absent knee-jerk, and ocular symptoms) is gener-
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rile attacks end in recovery, and such cases probablj^ belong to the benign
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ing the tumor downward. Pulsations are frecjuently communicated from
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Strlimpell, who advances the view that there is an acute inflammation of
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changes peculiar to chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, and right-
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scribe certain general manifestations of renal diseases that are more or
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Diagnosis. — The presence of urobilin is best detected by a spectro-
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diminished urine of high specific gravity, with albumin, may complain
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Susceptibility to the poison e.xists in about one-half the instances in
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tion of the mouth will disclose whether or not the gums are the source
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recommendations. Report read before the Connecticut Medical
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ureter. The urine may now flow clear from the other and vicariously
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Irritative sensory lesions give rise to neuralgia, hyperesthesia, or
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that the tumor had grown rapidly in last two weeks. A diagnosis was
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