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aim of all the branches of medical science is the prevention of disease and

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died two days after his admission. On inspection, it was found that about

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stood the dangers of the operation and was opposed to its wholesale performance.

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tonitis induced by the injection of irritant liquids is

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and on the upper anterior duodenal wall, just about the location

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myology, angiology and neurology, designed to establish a proper regard

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tumour ; the right lobe of the liver was strictly normal. Of

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by thinking men. Thus one speaker defends vivisection on the

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the vagina. In September, 1892, at the International Gynecological

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the physiological, the zoological, the anatomical, the

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favourable opportunity to test the comparative efficacy of the

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Concerning details, see my articles : 1. " Ueber die

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were honestly and seriously discussing a deeply interesting ques-

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branes may be accompanied either by definite lesions of

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and displacing it there — is an operation admissible

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Suir emoglobinuria da chiniiio nei malarici. Arch. ital. di

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of consciousness are occasional sym[)toms ; also vertigo, tinnitus aurium, and

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As observed microscopically, the crystallization in the dried serum was uniform

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