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The duration of the filtration process in this case was two hours and

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so satisfactory when there are extensive cardiovascular changes.

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Professors will be submitted to the new Council ; and it may

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those sections where the food conditions were very unfavorable, as in

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ing or accompanying it is the Achorion Schdnleinii.

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nor IS it always necessary for it to be preceded by

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passes ofE quickly, and at the next visit great improvement

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established by every day's experience, that though, as a na-

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privilege of receiving the association, and Dr. Martin de Bartolome, an Ed-

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rapid. The patient perspires, and a sour smell may be perceived from

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Fio. 28. — An L. R. S. privy with an ordinary vinegar barrel used as a

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the experimental inquiries already referred remarks : "As no soJvent is mentioned in

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pith ball, or feather, by a silken thread,' and holding near to it a

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On opening the abdomen, the liver was found to be "twice as large

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certified. Practice experience, 9 years. Member, American

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by angemia or spaneemia, and chlorosis, so Chossat has demonstrated the

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My internal treatment consisted of tincture of the chloride of iron and

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1 For the newer theory of the origin of metallic resonance see p. 206.

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ceptibly lessened, and a ch.mge came over tlie patient,

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An important practical question is discussed, bearing on the

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nounce themselves according to the sample just men-

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placement should be marked or visible. In either case, from continued

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sacral nerves, and without entering the chain of lateral ganglia, pass directly

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But even among the field laborers we must distinguish between those

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least, they are cases whose diagnoses have not struck my colleagues

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When these symptoms are associated with the presence

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appeared to be very good, and he made no complaint except

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attributed so much importance, certainly remained intact. In reply to Dr.

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seen the soldiers drink the entire contents of a cistern,