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ouohly v.-ashed with corrosive sublimate solution, after
monary tissue may. owing to like circumstances, heal up and cicatrize.
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variety. In some instances (especially in cardiac aneurysm) the actual
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bad been seized, while walking with the cliildren, with
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to avail myself of the instrument, and have failed to
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of otorrhea, but it was accompanied with severe pain. Since the oper-
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from pain is a very marked feature. The night after
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keeping the bowels patient under the stimulus of calomel, than
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increased liquid food that is important. The mother should 'be
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Warm applications should be applied during the stage of
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one of the leaders of that effort. I had the pleasure of being in Wash-
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Ulceration of the lids - - - 2 Hydrops oculi - - - - 1
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tunity was afforded of rectifying the error by amputation. "For
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off a large proportion of the children whom it attacks, and not unfrequently
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I have read with much pleasure the observations made by Dr. Nebinger
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in the urine, as, for example, in pneumonia. Again, in pneumonia the
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artery, but this could not be confirmed, as a postmortem was not
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flat, and presents nothing remarkable, either in appearance or
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nishing literature to teachers, householders, etc., which has aroused
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change of the bull sometimes appears to exercise a favourable
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planation by means of anatomical investigation. Chief among
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water, the suddenness of the fatal effect depending on
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operation of evisceration of the sclerotic with insertion of an artificial
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is therefore very essential, before we proceed to advo-
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those above described as constituting the attack, which in any sense
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please send recent photographs, which will be returned if
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been will remain for Parke, in the words of Stanley, written
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rounding tissue, they may involve the skin, break down and ulcerate, and
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attack. The same treatment was resorted to, followed by Sulphuric
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as in the more remote parts, by reflex action. As a
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On motion it was voted to hold the semi-annual meeting at Burling-