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covery of a quantity of what is known as Inca's eyes. On undoing the

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The passage in this Papyrus here translated (Fig. 4) pre-

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tion arose whether such a pronounced organic change as acute

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iliac spine. Now if it had been behind the caecum I should

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6. Insufficiency of medical attendance ; regimental system

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sentttive of tlie Birmingham School of Medicine as well as

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Council and other bodies, for the assistance given in the

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F. S., a lad of about l.i years of age. had from early childhood cataract

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sary, and discharge eventually into two inspection chambers,

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the neighbourhood who partook of pork pies derived from

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The chance of infection diminishes progressively from the

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rently, and the placenta, which was attached to the fundus

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outbreak of cholera this year. But the chief object of the

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cambe; Dr. J. S. Taylor, Liverpool; Mr. W. Tebb, London; A Truth

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nerve tissue, and by the impoverished blood supply. These

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Clowes. Norton B., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.F., appointed Medical Officer to

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English residents ; the next day a number of the native resi-

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1 Recueil de Monuments Egyptiens. Par le dooteur Henri Brugsch,

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geon. Rooms, commons, and washing provided. Appointment for six

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ten years afterwards tliat 1 had some striking examples of its

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will be held in the great hall of the hospital on Wednesday,

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lieving tension by removing the teeth that the patient es-

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plicable to streets laid out before 1862, is most unsatisfactory.

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ordinary features of so-called perityphlitis, which relapse and

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Manchester, and l each in West Ham, Birmingliam, Salford, Halitax,

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through their respective mesenteries. By means of Sean's

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of May 13th, is somewhat misleading, in so far as the writer

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missed cured and iio relieved. A new wing has been added to the hos-

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Officer in India is desirous of introducing a rule to the effect

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ing gentlemen, having coiffer-med to the by-laws and regulations, and

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Mr. J. B. Wolstenholmk exhibited : (1) The Larynx of a Horse-

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Road incidentally told me nvhile we were consulting about another case

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eligible by any three members, may be elected a member by

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rate of 24.7 per 1,000. The lowest rates were recorded in Galway and

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fortnight, another large patch appearing on the right cheek

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Diseases of Women, Tu. B.,V; Eve, M. F., 9 ; Dental, Th., 9.

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