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two principal pathologic varieties of this affection as a
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drowsiness. Slowing of the pulse and respiration is less frequent. The
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temperature. The bacillus is a true saprophyte; thus, the Bacillus
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little sign of increase. It usually lasts to the end of life, but may become
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and was removed successfully by Dr. Macnaughton-Jones by an
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epithelial and hyalin casts, calcium oxalate, and phosphate
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into the tissues, and violent inflammation and fever,
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as in all reforms, our best hope lies with the young, whose igno-
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withstanding the precautions that have been established by
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that he saw, playing around the body of the deceased, a small whitish flame,
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cyclop»dia/ vol. iv, 1862, p. 95). One of the commonest maladies
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even in fatal cases, remains high. A specific gravity above 1030, more
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medicine. It has evidently been a labor of love, and its author is to be
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aneurism is thus identical with arterial aneurism, the
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rosis theory, but then in the so-called cases of school anaemia we
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Not only water, but tne milk of animals also, has been accused of
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nized, as with Hallux Varus, although it is of much less
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from 2 to 3 weeks and later gradually subsided to the normal level.
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a lack of proper control experiments with other acid-fast antigens.